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  1. I wouldn't say remove this "ability". I mean yes it might be annoying for the other faction but his is something that should be left as-is.
  2. Like @McDili always says. "Magical" rules just ruin the experience.
  3. I personally loved Tanoa. I don't understand why people lost the love for it. @Lucki @GidGit do you remember those patrols? I think Tanoa was fun as hell.
  4. Congrats @TheRandomOne on news team and @Daskopflos for never getting it :Kappa: 

  5. Wait a sec.... are you the one I call @Jaeger Mannen

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheRandomOne


      One day people will tell us apart

    3. Danger


      Maybe you can tell the people of Olympus in your first news broadcast!!!

    4. ThatRandomGuy
  6. Sorry @McDili I won't be able to participate in this one. :Kappa: 

  7. Glad to see the *New* sAPD team acknowledging talent. Giving credit where it's due. Lately there has been nothing but great promotions. Keep it up! 

  8. Damn @snipeZ from Vigi to corp in a couple of months. Good job my man. 

  9. He's fucking @Ham. He could be 2 and he'd still be kooler than u
  10. Shut up @Jesse you know Olympus is the problem here. No other servers in the whole world have this issue.
  11. Another good set of people. 

    Shout out to @TheCmdrRex @Danger @DanteFleury @Goodman ... the latest addition to the staff team. - I know some of you already got some time but this is my formal congratz :P 

    Congratz boys, well deserved! 

    1. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Thanks bub!

    2. TheCmdrRex


      Thanks Bubbaloo!

    3. Danger


      Thanks man, we miss you!

  12. Going to run out of likes Tman! I've liked you so much today I will take you out on a date. But I'll make sure we sit on the floor and mimic eating because the objects will cause real life frame loss and possible texture bugs.
  13. Because logic.
  14. But my question is... what is the point of "simplifying" the hospitals if it shows that even after removing shit the frames still drop and texture bugs still happen. I got texture bugged today at a rebel raid. Rebels have almost nothing in them. The ghost hawk came in and bam. Game turned to shit. I have Fps drops in every city. Especially in Kavala. If we are going to start "simplifying" then we might as well just remove the altis life code and just turn this into koth. That sounds "simple" enough. If I may add. Most of you say "I only get it on Olympus". You want to know why? This is the server you play the most on. I am sure you just don't spend enough time playing those other shitty servers in order to get a texture bug.
  15. I think Penis. That is causing texture bugs.