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  1. In other news. I like poop. 

    1. SheriffJohnBeard


      go home. 

      you have been drinking too much.

    2. Danger


      Must be from all those burrito's

  2. Hats off to you @Talindor . Congrats buddy. 

  3. So. Where is my badly made burrito? :( 

  4. Once you replace @Mr Kevin 's fake emotional messages with real ones you'll start noticing how much bullshit they really are.


  5. I just touched a bit of my poop with the right pinky finger. Good times.
  6. That is true. Makes me so sad. Now I can tell you to kindly fuck off my thread.. Just messing with you man
  7. Don't make this post one for suggestions. There is a section for that please
  8. You'll always hold a dear place in My Burrito lol Thanks for all your help back in the APD. I remember you tested me back then when I was on civ. Doesn't go unnoticed. See you around man!
  9. Another shoutout to the OG's PcP and Tree! They'll always be my boys. Thank you @Big B and @Jaeger Mannen. Thanks everyone! I'll still be around here. Shoot me up if you need any help. After all that's why I became staff in the first place.
  10. Thank you guys! Shit... . Can't post more likes.
  11. Well ladies and gentlemen. After much dwelling and moping around the idea I went ahead and did it. I love this community so I am not going away too far. Just going to be watching from the outside. Olympus is special in many ways. It is THE BEST Altis life server out there BAR NONE. No discussion. Yes I am biased to Olympus and I'll always will be. I started with nothing and I worked my way up. Goes to show that our staff team does their job and appreciate and compensate effort when they see it. You want to reach the sky here? Only thing that matters is you. One might think Olympus has it flaws. YES! It does! But that's the beauty of it. A team of voluntary HUMAN BEINGS get together and try to make things better for the community. It can never be perfect but it damn well feels like it to me. I took a lot of steps to reach my position. One started by joining the APD. It felt great reaching those ranks. Even though this is a video game it does feel like a great accomplishment. On that note, don't loose hope on the APD. A lot of things we don't understand and a LOT of us just criticize what we can't make sense of. It is part of being human. There is a LOT of effort put into the APD. When I was a part of it a LOT went on that the community wasn't aware of. It might seem sometimes that is heading one direction but I assure you, ALL of the past chiefs and our current chief do so much for this community that sometimes it isn't even appreciated. Feel free to criticize the APD all you wan't (hell I did as well) but they do a hell of a goddamn good job on keeping it afloat. I know I could never really step into the shoes of the chief of police. ALL of them did a great job and Goat will revitalize the APD in so many different ways. Just wait and see. Despite of our differences I hold great respect to a lot of members in this community (you all know who you are) and I accept that we all needed one another to move this community forward. Poseidon: The almighty BOSS. Thank you for the opportunity and keep on the great work man. I don't know how you do it but you DAMN well do it. Keeping this community afloat is no easy task. Thanks again Grandma Gary: The funniest most unique person I have ever met. Gave me that opportunity from the start and I am eternally grateful for it. Thanks. Tman: My mentor and good friend. Helped me move up and motivated me when I was down. This man is a legend. Helped shaped Olympus into what it is. Thank you for everything. Peter Long: The man. Hate or love him he has unique way of doing things that work and has a lot of good advise despite of him sounding like he wants to kick your ass all the time. Shaped me to get to where I wanted to in the APD. Fuck you Peter . A lot of respect for you my man . McDili: The man with the PT Cruiser. Easily the BEST CHIEF in the history of Olympus (No disrespect to others). You have done great work and despite of our disagreements and petty battles you know there is mad respect and you also helped me get to where I got today. So thank you! Gidgit: A good friend and colleague. I hope you can find your way my man. You are a great human being. Take care of yourself. Shoot me up on steam. We'll scat! Doc: Fuck you Canadian! . Will miss scatting with you man. See you around. Lucki: Good friend and colleague. Had a lot of fun in the APD with him. We moved up together. One of the GREATEST still around. (BEGGED ME TO MENTION HIM) >3 Jesse and Serpico: You both DA' man. Didn't know you guys for long but I sure as hell appreciate the BIG CHUNK of work you both have done in so little time. Olympus has never been as awesome as it is right now. Keep up the amazing work guys. To the rest of the staff: You guys are all great. There is a special quality in each and every one of you that just works. I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for all of you. I will miss doing those FEDS and just sucking so much at the game together. Had the best times on Olympus with you guys. To the APD as a whole. Including my previous colleagues and the new kids on the block managing the team: You guys all do a great job handling this faction. It is a PAIN IN THE ASS to deal with all the responsibility that it entails. Thank you all for the opportunity to serve with the APD and good luck to the rest of you. I know you'll move the APD to places it has never been before. MUCH respect to ALL of you. To the R&R as a whole: Thank you for all the hard work you do and for making sense of the R&R like no one ever has. We all know we NEED this faction. The R&R will always have great importance to Olympus. Good luck guys. So, this is not goodbye. Just a farewell for now. I will still be around lurking in game and on the forums. I still love Olympus. It actually pained me a lot when I got the Retired Staff tag. Actually made me very sad. I still am. I will stick around and will be scatting around Kavala. I'll always love this place. Olympus is home. Thank you everybody for the greatest 2 years of my gaming life. See you around! Mad love! BU-FUCKING-RRITO. OUT!
  12. Server is NOT dying. Also, I don't think you were around for the server wipe. At that time the server was DYING. It took at least 6 months to get back on its feet. Arma is getting old. We can't afford to loose players again by doing a wipe. Players are interested in newer and better things and Arma does get stale after a while. These post about gang life dying are almost useless right now. The servers are completely full during prime hours and during non peak are still more full than Asylum. Im not sure why the complains keep coming.
  13. As far as I know none of you here has ever had an issue with this. Then why complain? I know bitching on the forum causes sexual excitement for some but just refrain from complaining if you are not directly affected by this. We are trying new things. Things to make it easier for both players and staff. If we deem something to be unreasonable then we will handle it accordingly. Now go play the game and use whatever name you want just use common sense.