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    Bad white bitches, fighting cartels, gang shit and jacking off.

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  1. sick recruitment dude
  2. probably the cleanest my truck has ever been.


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    2. DanteFleury


      when the clearcoat is gone, but the tires still look fresh af. Literally my truck. (98 Chevy SIlverado Ext. Cab) Ive even polished the paint to make it look like shiny shit at least.

    3. CommanderSuki


      I would say some turtle wax would make that red beautiful again but that might remove the last of the clearcoat :)

      I want a truck :( shitty country with insane taxes on cars

    4. badaim


      @SPBojo yup a hispanic redneck I have a don't tread on me sticker and a confederate flag I usually fly to make people mad.

      @DanteFleury my truck is a 78' and I want to paint my truck but I don't see a point yet I want to take it in the mud a few more times before I paint it cause then I wont want to mess it up haha.

      @CommanderSuki you can never go wrong with an old Chevy square body the only thing I hate about it is getting it to pass smog.

  3. hey badaim

    1. badaim


      hows it going pal just your local olympus player

    2. Jmb


      pretty good, got myself some ACTIVE players to play with

      how u been, it's been a while

    3. badaim


      just being inactive like usual you know same shit different day. maybe ill say im gonna be active some time next week then not play for 2 weeks

  4. Hey there, me again just wanted to make sure all of my buds on olympus were having a great Christmas/Christmas eve and I hope Santa gave all of you everything you wished for until next time :*

    1. Grenade65
    2. Rogue


      santa gave me a new computer 

    3. DeNiaL


      Have a good one pal 

  5. Hey everyone just wanted to check back in to see how all my good buds are doing 

    1. obeymatt


      im still banned


  6. Just wanted to say hello to all the good pals of olympus

  7. Got some crusty boxers

    1. Tman15tmb



      Don't tell Doc.

  8. @Orgondo how are you doing pal ?

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    2. Orgondo


      Hard to tell who's in what anymore my dude, everyone be hoppin like a rabbit

    3. Orgondo


      When the mods won't let the community banter :( 

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      @badaim is the OG of Los Pollitos. 

      'Nuff said. 

  9. I thought you couldn't get banned for combat log anymore?

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    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Getting revived does not stop engagement between parties. 

    3. Lucki



      3 hours ago, Bubbaloo Burrito said:

      Getting revived does not stop engagement between parties. 

      Then why do I have to yell "APD hands up or be tazed" and then wait for them to react if a criminal gets revived?

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      APD engagements are a bit different. I mentioned the engagement wasn't over because most of the time the fight is still going between the gangs. You can even kill a gang member you are fighting (as civ) without engaging again if you are not close enough to re-engage (when getting revived) i.e 200 meters out. So if you get revived and immediately disconnect you are effectively combat logging if within the 5 minutes of engagement or if it is obvious there is someone there ready to engage you. 

      If you were in a fight and didn't get revived for more than 5 minutes when you get revived you look around you and make sure there is no one around you from the previous engagement and you can disconnect. There are different scenarios but for the most part you should not disconnect immediately after getting revived if within that active engagement time threshold. 

  10. No one in my gang ever wants to fight.

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    2. Willski


      mass recruit


    3. afalcon


      re-create titans then they will fight

    4. badaim


      I wouldn't join a gang with people I'm not comfortable playing with @buckie and no Titans was a good thing for a while it just wouldn't be the same as before, not the same group of people it just wouldn't be as fun as it was @afalcon

  11. Where have you been my son ? @BlackJack

    1. BlackJack


      I've been here , I can get on when ever just let me know when u on so we can fight