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  1. I don't recall many people other than myself tower dropping frequently back when big towers were prevalent. Additionally, you either need to be low and fast or back that ass up quick. People will shoot you out in either configuration.
  2. Allowing PO lethals is about as likely to happen as my Armed Blackfish.
  3. The sAPD will be releasing a statement later today regarding the issue.
  4. I'd say if the issue is seeing people's names, stack the tags on the right. It's literally that easy boys.
  5. S A N C T I O N S

  6. I'm gonna be honest, at one point or another you're just gonna piss enough people off with this NLR BS that people are gonna vote to remove it. It's something that makes Olympus somewhat unique, and I like it, but now it's just getting AIDS. Respawning should not constitute an NLR break.
  7. So it was pretty small
  8. Please no all I can imagine is a guy being processed only to have it stopped due to being pinged from 1.5km out.
  9. Congrats on being unblacklisted @Jopple123

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    2. Jopple123


      thanks man can i have my tags back now?

    3. RambleR


      Holy fk that was awhile ago joel, that is awesome!

    4. Joel


      8 minutes ago, RambleR said:

      Holy fk that was awhile ago joel, that is awesome!



  10. Trump president Good connection to Canadian servers Pick one