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  1. Gentlemen, calm down. Everything will be resolved with or without me. I appreciate the overwhelming support. It truly does mean a lot. 

    1. DeNiaL


      I honestly hope you hit a car backing out of a wendys

  2. it was nice knowing you @DeNiaL

    1. DeNiaL


      Later Friend

  3. Doing that would have the same effect of Tanoa. People would just farm cash over there because no one gives enough of a fuck to rob them. Needs to wait until the kiddies are out of school.
  4. I think it'd be in OS's best interest if they waited until late spring-early summer to implement a 3rd server, as that's when we will have a population spike (I.E. kids out of school for summer).
  5. yes
  6. >mfw our president can't spell "Honored"bX7Eo.gif

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    2. Tman15tmb
    3. McDili


      Bahahahaha! As I said, when Trump becomes president the memes will be real. Gonna be funnier than George Bush trying to complete a sentence.

    4. Pledge


      As I said to all my trump supporter friends: "These 4 years are going to be full of me quoting Trump"

  7. I smell dupes
  8. Me chasing @Kanger lasted a solid 30 mins, one time he crashed his Hummingbird and the other time Moob jumped out cuz he is retarded. Another time I did 3 laps around the map chasing a Tier 4 Taru. Worth.
  9. yes
  10. vigis are the scum of the earth
  11. @DanteFleury obviously hasn't been to GOAT Flight School only 1 person has passed in the history of my flight school @Quintin
  12. I'm always watching


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    2. Ham


      I'm trying to find out who watches more, you or your chief tag...


    3. Danger


      sounds spooky xD

    4. Edge


      Sneaky <_<