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  1. add what people want and maybe some old players will come back.
  2. i shagged all you're moms.
  3. take my apd tag away on forums, thanks.

  4. Happy birthday m8

  5. Stop making these post's i am the best player ever, now fuck off circle jerking your friends because there shit <3 And why is fushigi even on this list, my fucking mum is better than him. btw admins this aint toxic just facts
  6. how?
  7. o7 lad btw why am i blacklisted
  8. bye have a good day and dont come back.
  9. its still a olympus event lol, every single complexity member is from asylum
  10. we are free at last boys

  11. i want to be free'd for gang wars so i can bring all the boys back to fight.
  12. Well cya boys was fun. have a good day :)

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      "Toxicity" Fedot

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    4. Augustus
  13. ghostawks for civs? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA
  14. u are mean 

    1. asdasd123


      Speak up don't be a bystander stand up to bullies. Im fucking motivational