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  1. Now all you have to do Boonie is make your own version of this song. That would be amazing
  2. Story Time Guys! What was your favorite song when you were growing up, if your still growing up *cough cough* @Lil Bill that's okay. Mine:
  3. Well just found this Gem. Used to listen to this like every day when i was younger  



  4. Im just gona say if Tanoa ever comes back, which i hope it wont im gona become a full time robber cuz boy am i gona make some money shitting on little kids
  5. 100% true
  6. u think ya can take on a 6'7' giant?
  7. aww damn
  8. So is anyone attending Pax this year 3 weeks and counting. Hype train!
  9. Naw i've got mine
  10. There's a reason we're still around, don't be mad at me because 90% of people end up hating you and you can't find friends

  11. Hey @Sociopathic ur to provide me with this mans vids not @I Am Fuzzy
  12. I know this might sound corny or something but I just feel like thanking the people who have motivated me to become a better player on Olympus. @AndrewFam @Snare @Joel @3 Rip @DeNiaL @ScreaM (I forgot about Scream too lul) Hey you for got me
  13. @CheckUrFoodNWater you confuse me
  14. Omg haha
  15. VX/MC staff what is this haha

    but seriously @Danger Congrats!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. platinumfire


      PFFFT that doesn't matter he was in vx for like ever

    3. TheRandomOne


      1 developer, 1 designer and now a mod. The SB takeover?

    4. Danger


      The undertaking has begun :KappaHD: