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  1. When Mystic breaks NLR but you say no no not today :) 


    1. DatBoiMystic


      that was a nice shot tbh...xD

      Edited by DatBoiMystic
    2. Excision


      when people report nlr at cartels :(

  2. ya know i was giving my honest opinion with constitutive criticism if this is how you want to act when Im actually posting something i think everyone feels and then giving insite to fix said problem. Then sir you really have been in the position too long.
  3. MC Teamspeak isn't the whole community.
  4. This is a great post @Goodman props to making it covers a lot of what people are upset about, but this cute post doesn't make the server better action does. I think if the staff made an effort to actually engage with the community with ideas MORE FREQUENTLY then some of these people would be like "hey these Staff/Admins actually care about how well their server and loyal players are doing and are keeping us involved" this once a month State Of Olympus would be better if done like once a week and hell it doesn't have to be @Peter Long set up a twitch account so that all staff members can stream Arma3 or what ever game they choose to play. Having that 1-2hr engagement a week from the staff will go a long way. Think of Olympus as a big Gang okay and the staff are the leaders, but you only see them like once every 3 weeks and they on like a hour how do you think that gang is gonna last....Not very long and that's what Olympus fells like to a lot of members like me. We asked for this type of stuff before you as a leader a face of this community have to keep us in the loop we cant be asked to connect the dots cuz we don't have that leadership role. This is pretty much a rant but its how i feel at the moment k so deal with it.
  5. Hahaha cops got F**ked
  6. @Linka are you trying to take over the forums? cuz thats my thing 

    1. Linka


      I'm number 8 of the top members suck my dick 

  7. Spamming gl on all the recruitment thread is a poor way to get your rep and content count up :Kappa:

  8. Ever thought about getting out of Kavala? might help your problem
  9. Is this the ancient 8bit PC i've been hearing about
  10. Over the course of a life time i don't see why it couldn't be 20mil hahaha
  11. Ill be friends with you @ScreaM. Life long friendships are priceless
  12. When the APD trying to take your boy... you tap the pilot out!


    1. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      Sir, from what I can tell this is a clear breach of rules. You knew your friend is in that helicopter and killing the pilot would kill him but because you treated this as "just a game" unlike everyone else, you did not feel bad about killing your friend.

      Enjoy your ban :bigcheefface:

  13. But you don't have the connections i do
  14. yes how much