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  1. @Rusty is probably better than all of you.
  2. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? all the best fights have happened at cartels. You can't tell me you'd rather fight in a place where I could literally go prone in a house for an hour waiting for soemone to push over knowing the positions that people could possibly be and fight that way. no way jose I'd kill myself.
  3. *good fights against good players and tactis, not camping in houses or behind walls until someone runs by. Everytime I'm on no one fights, if you played back in the day you'll see what fights used to be like.
  4. the fun of the server is dying though. the server has been "dead" when it comes to fights, but yeah it's alive when it comes to kavala and drug runs.
  5. lil dicky the only jew i fw 

    1. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      I don't fuck with any jews

  6. Don't enjoy revives come get me !!!!
  7. no. we have very little things we can do with tags and that would ruin it
  8. will tpf be in arma 4
  9. this video reminds me of that time you posted that thing of you killing like 4 deputies xd just kidding only memes here
  10. Fights aren't what they used to anymore. Arma 3's gang life is slowly dying on all the servers I've played on, and the fights aren't as fun anymore either. We shouldn't have to arrange fights. People used to always show up to defend their cartels, now people just make money. People run from fights, and don't want to fight at all. I don't know, obviously some of us bought this game for other reasons, I bought an ArmA gang for fights, but now I say this I'm gonna get told go play wasteland but people who say that haven't fought a cartel. "New Areas" can only help so much. Fights are dying and players are leaving, i don't think its coming back hahahahaha
  11. who are you in game


    1. OlympusAccount


      I've played as OlympusAccount about 4 or 5 times, but chances are I'll never say. Mainly because I'll get nothing but trash-talk on the forums about how garbage I am at the game.

    2. Linka


      pm me 

  12. The video was made in 2013 so