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  1. If there were a way to disband gangs after lets say 45 - 60 days of inactivity, that should be a thing. Then this list would be more accurate.
  2. Hands down one of the best staff members leaving us today.
  3. YES PLZ

    Pilot Helmets! 

  4. Im down for a change. People complain about GAs tanking all day long. This seems like a resolution to that issue everyone seems to keep bitching about.
  5. welp.... This is it
  6. That wasn't camping though? I was attempting to swim around you.
  7. I attempted an in water flank. At least it was not sitting in the water and sharking. That swim took a long time, so depressing to get taped in the head while taking a breath of air. feelsbad still not as bad at the SB pussy. just saying
  8. xD Someone seems a little upset.
  9. soooo when can we get gang ranks fixed? 

    1. Ninjaman427


      when you lose 200 pounds

    2. Ninjaman427


      Just now, Jopple123 said:

      same thing

      Stop being toxic


  10. Dustin and Maddog very much so deserved the promotion to Sgt. Congratz guys.