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  1. this is a lit "hotfix" doods
  2. Still selling alot of CSAT clothing cheap!
    PM me for more info

  3. This is what I still have with prices, the prices for some things are reduced. I am attempting to sell as much as I can. All prices are negotiable. Ghillie Suit [CSAT] x 60 - 50k Each /40k Bulk Fatigues (Urban) [CSAT] x 6 - 75k - Negotiable Fatigues (Green Hex) [CSAT] x 40 75k Pilot Coveralls x 9 - 100k+ Defender Helmet x 15 - priced by offer MXM - priced by offer 2 x APD MXs - priced by offer
  4. Deal Ill PM you The Ghillies are at a reduced price of 50k a Piece. If you buy bulk Ill do 40k a piece.
  5. Deal, Ill include 6 mags for 600k. I sent you a PM
  6. going to be a jet this time
  7. actually, I haven't made anything yet. I've set up these deals with people but no one else seems to want to follow through, except for Chaos which will be something done later this evening. Everything is a first come first serve basis!
  8. Deal, Ill pm you
  9. no set price. Prices are negotiable, make an offer.