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  1. Is there new cartels?
  2. https://gyazo.com/c107734bb7c6f5d257f179b5d04bab79
  3. I just press the reboot cycle button on my case when I ever I get a black screen p: very triggering. It also triggers me when you make your post lettering black.
  4. 4 Apples 2 Rook mags and... How ever many peaches my quad cant hold :))
  5. o7 :(( you were my favorite Sr. APD Memeber
  6. Plz add black carrier lites to rebel shop

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    2. Linka


      1 hour ago, William 'Daniel' Wallace said:

      Please add rocket propelled shoulder mounted fucking weapons of mass destruction to the clothing store.

      wow that was really funny. you're actually autistic.

    3. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      @Linka It's time to reform, don't call him autistic. You need to show your good side, he just has extra chromosomes. :)

    4. William 'Daniel' Wallace

      William 'Daniel' Wallace

      @Lethals Loaded 

      *missing 1

      im super special

      Edited by William 'Daniel' Wallace
  7. Everything. I honestly have nothing to do with it. It's like 1-2 years old but still works I just upgraded.
  8. Like $150 i5 4690k; new 200 and it's used. Motherboard it's good I just don't remember what it's called and I have 8gb of ddr3 I'll give you. I got my new specs a couple weeks ago so I have that stuff just laying around.
  9. I'll sell you a motherboard, i5 4690k for cheap and you can buy the 1070 yourself.
  10. I think we should all open our schedule books and arrange specific times at which we arrive at the cartels and fight.
  11. Could've made a status update to update your status
  12. I can auto hover and land in 1.3 minutes tops. Beat that buddy
  13. Whip dab nae nae

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    2. ScreaM
    3. asdasd123


      me and @Vanilla Coke vs olympus dance battle @Linka can host it we will whip nae nae dab hit them folks running man this server off the charts. AM I RITE ?????????/!11!!

    4. Vanilla Coke

      Vanilla Coke

      hey whip skrt hit the folks nae nae running man juju on that beat ooo hold up dab