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  1. Guys don't forget that snake size matters
  2. Of course! I am not one who hates vigilantes I would send that guy to jail too.. It doesn't make sense to keep wandering around trying to RP with a 1 mil bounty if you're expecting them to get rescued. I think the hate goes more towards when people get sent straight to jail after they have 2 self defense man slaughters for $60k. Although it is required, It still is RP. It is just poor RP. I was just giving reasons that other people likely hate vigilantes. I personally don't mind them especially for this casual RP server, however people think the vigilante aspect lacks too much RP even for this server.
  3. Vigilantes are general disliked due to: 1. The role has a lack of RP most of the time Most vigilantes will capture you and send you straight to jail, without much of a chance to explain yourself or your charges. I have seen very few vigilantes that are arresting someone RP with that person. The most you usually get out of them is your charges read off and notified you're being sent to jail. ^^ Not complaining either. The role is meant to be a money making role for those who need it and those who want justice brought to criminals that can't/don't/aren't in the APD. 2. The stereotypical vigilante, breaks rules While most vigilantes that I have seen follow the rules perfectly or with little flaws, it is noted that people only really remember the situations in which generally, a new player that hasn't fully read/understand the rules, has either RDM'd or Vigi Abused them. This has created a stereotype for vigilantes which will most likely never end. 3. The consequences of being vigi'd are among the worst If you get killed by a rebel, you can get epi'd or revived. If you get caught by the APD, you can RP with an officer for less risk and can pay a ticket so you don't have to go to jail. If you get vigi'd, you get sent to jail. Nothing else. People would rather spend time RPing with an officer and then spending $600k on tickets then spending 3 hours in jail because a vigilante caught you when you spawned in Athira. These are just a few reasons why there is a large hate for vigilantes. @reno walkins
  4. One of the best staff members I knew and aspired to be like. I will miss you!! o7
  5. Happy Birthday to @DaneG and @Gibbs!!

    Maybe @DaneG will finally grow up! :)

    1. Twitchy


      Twitchy - Rex aren't you 16?? If so, don't u have some maturing to do... (Sets up go karts underneath medics cars.. gets shot into the fucking moon) XD

    2. DaneG


      Thanks Rexxy, Have fun being 16 ;)

  6. Do this same thing, but change the fatigues between the CSAT Recon ones you currently have on them to some random NATO one.
  7. You can take them off manually by removing them from your y-inv, but yes, I agree they need to automatically come off.
  8. Provided they use the English alphabet and it is out of RP, then yes.
  9. This will probably be pretty lenient. If you have a name like Abdullah Ali-Zebediah or Phil Scfecko, etc, then you should be fine. As you stated this is more pointed towards adfsfjlljdk and llliliilill.
  10. Just Go-Karts. Protection for scraping your bum against the rocky Kavala MSR not provided. Please seek assistance from @fugi for all your baboon bum related issues.
  11. o7