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  1. Would you like if the scenario was 13 cops vs 13 rebels? Rebels still going to win 8/10 times if I am just replacing the number of both of them. If there is knowledge of sAPD online then why would you hesitate to have someone bring a titan to the federal event too? Also my scenario was the cops getting tased. If the sAPD member gets tased then he must have some sort of magic if he is pulling a ghosthawk all the way in the middle of the fed compound. Just as the APD need to learn tactics, so do the rebels too.
  2. You are exactly right. It physically doesn't make sense that civs couldn't restrain cops. I just think that it shouldn't be allowed at a federal event. There is a reason that people hate it. It doesn't fit in with real logic. The whole point of several waves is to simulate a real, large police force. With the cops getting tazed and restrained, you can't simulate that. Cheating that system. It suddenly doesn't become a battle of attrition and rather it becomes a battle of who can taze each other first. Five Patrol Officers with paper thin armor that hardly know each other compared to 5 better geared rebels with knowledge of each other (better chemistry) and playing the defensive? Rebels are going to win 9 times out of 10.
  3. Yes it is annoying to be in danger as a medic, but it doesn't compare to the chaos that the APD have to deal with. Where one of the most annoying things on medic is getting RDM'd in Kavala, on the APD you could have your HQ camped for easily 30 minutes to an hour. Just because there isn't a federal event doesn't mean that the APD isn't busy. They are almost always in the middle of something. Another reason is generally medical calls are either in the middle of the city (where the cops are usually at), in the middle of a red zone (sometimes too far for the normal PO to respond quickly to, also a ton of medics still can't comprehend the idea that only sAPD can respond to a rebel or cartel area, so that rules out like 60% of requests), and then in the middle of no where. - the point I am getting at is that the location is usually rather inconvenient.
  4. Happy Birthday! @The Mad Russian

    Drink some vodka to celebrate!

    Also best of luck on your deployment!!


  5. You make good money off of a successful Federal Reserve robbery. It is also easier to do the fed since the complex is more closed and there are less cops required to start it. Tip 1) Do the fed at around 5 - 6 cops. Preferably lower ranks on. Tip 2) Start the fed later rather than sooner. The closer to restart, the more gold. But make sure you have enough time to leave and sell the gold and do not rush yourself. Tip 3) If there is more than 8 cops on, it might be better to wait if your gang doesn't have the numbers. Tip 4) Become a cop. Helps you learn the call outs and strategies and rules of the other side. - Probably the best tip Tip 5) Don't shoot the ghosthawk if possible. Tip 6) Don't kill all the cops. They have wave rule. If you can stall a deputy for several minutes in a firefight, it can mean a huge difference. Tip 7) Cooperate with your team. It takes good coordination with your gang or whoever you do the fed with to pull it off. Organize call outs, positions, and have back up plans. Tip 8) Block the gates and jump spots with cars. Tip 9) Accept failure. Learn off of the mistakes that are made and work off of them. You could have over 2,000 hours in Arma but if you have never done a fed before, there is a good chance it will fail. Experience is key. Those are just a few I could think of @James Withers
  6. @JuanDeaged You get access to the VIP forums, your own channel in TS, and a fancy Yellow/bold tag in both the forums and TS.
  7. @Jaun Deag You need to donate over $250 for VIP.
  8. "SnipeZ for Sergeant" Sorry @snipeZ I had to.
  9. 5a9d5b6a303f9af446e90272a839d3be.png That moment the staff section gets too heated. :FeelsBad:

    Oh and I could care less about the IP. Dynamic IP's on school wifi so knock yourself out. 

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  10. Some of you people need to learn what this is and how it doesn't help an argument: 363600611e3b0553d650b851cca9296a.png

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  11. When a deputy goes into the fed in code 3: