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  1. The cartel on the south flats with the church is a good spot. One thing bad about it is the big tower. Remove that and replace it with a command center or another deer stand.
  2. No problem man
  3. Who are you? Are you even relevant enough to quote me?
  4. Hey Peter, can complexity sign up here now since the asylum vs olympus gang wars isn't a thing anymore? @Peter Long
  5. We made it boys


    1. Orgondo


      What in the fuck

  6. Do a All-Star game please.
    1. G.O.A.T.


      I watched this live, too funny.

  7. Happy Birthday Dear Friend @babooshka 

  8. Leaders weren't allowed to play its not a big deal. Everyone who had the right spawn had a big advantage over the left. I could care less but Moob seems to finally be excited to have a win under there belt after 6 tries.
  9. You are so fucking stupid if you think any of us cheat. Its not hard to buy a big mouse pad you fuck.
  10. when ever mc fight at a cartel
  11. show up to a cartel and this will happen again!
  12. will there be a vehicle garage in the warehouse , if not that would be quite discouraging to buy.
  13. You guys enjoy running your mouth a lot. Please save it for gang wars.
  14. You guys just seem like you just don't want some competition. cya at gang wars!
  15. Fernando , Sonny , Lethal's Loaded , Linka play actively , that is a active gang. We are fighting so enjoy.
  16. Why did you tag yourself on this list? awful
  17. F1 is a great key on arma.

  18. thanks for the fights today guys. sit.

    1. Linka


      I would also like to give a shoutout to the guys at absense for the free ifirt they gave to jimbo and I.

    2. ScreaM


      was good fights

  19. so when is nlr gonna be removed from cartels?

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    2. GummyCow


      1 hour ago, FluffyTEDDY said:

      NLR is never gonna be taken away from Cartels... There done with the conversation, get on with your life 

      thanks for the answer OS fluffyteddy.:) 

    3. UnT0uchab1e


      35 minutes ago, Huskers said:

      hey listen here untouchable who the fuck are you stop commenting on this post when you are an irrelevant kid that shoots with their ankles go fucking RP with tree and plant some seeds or something dumb ass kid.


    4. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      We don't currently have a wasteland server.  If that is what you are looking for I suggest going somewhere else for the time being.  NLR will still be enforced at the cartel locations.  Locked due to toxcictiy.