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  1. IMG_0569.jpg

    1. DaneG
    2. Danger


      Looks like a conversation on the Olympus forums. :KappaHD:

  2. @G.O.A.T. Idea: If a Corporal chases a civ into a cartel/rebel lethals are authorized on wave 1 if no sgt is online.

    1. Plumber


      Unless they've changed it that's always been the case. If you chase someone in the rebel you can still call for wave 1 backup however you have to stop pursuing once everyone dies.

      Nevermind I just read that wrong. My bad. Thats definitely something GOAT might be able to come up with. It just doesn't happen that often.

  3. The most noticeable thing you will notice is that Gang Life has 90% died out. Welcome to Olympus Scat Life!
  4. Made pizzas for "Goodman" and "Gibbs" today at dominos. It must be a sign. 

  5. @OlympusStaff Pls fucking update stuff regarding gang life. Everyone is leaving and going to Asylum yet you guys dont seem to care.

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    2. Goodman


      Can confirm, the staff has scrapped all ideas that we had for future improvements of gang life and reinstated the new Couldn't Care Less Policy. All recent staff conversations and meetings about the topic have been disregarded as well. Also future meetings where gang life and potential updates to revitalize it were planned to be discussed were canceled.  




















    3. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      @Tman15tmb You wanna know why I say this? I say this because its been 8 months of the same shit. Watching gang after gang leave the server. Another point, I see posts from the staff along the lines "Olympus is doing great! We have full pop on both servers everyday!." So i'm not just talking out of my ass here. Im not doing this to flame or make people mad. I'm saying this because im honestly disappointed that im having to watch my favorite server after almost 2 years turn into a fucking scat server.

    4. Goodman


      For further enragement refer to previous Goodman reply in this thread.

      *Note* Possible chance of sarcasm in referred comment

  6. D O N A T I O N  G O A L

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    2. DeadPool1337


      @McDili Tell us no BALLLLSLSSS

    3. McDili


      RPG-7s with stun rockets for vigis.

    4. DeadPool1337


      Ha that is almost as funny as smoking weed in kavala on cop! @McDili

  7. Your either under 14 years old or your over 35 and think your cool for posting this.
  8. ~SOLD~
  9. jesus christ


    1. iPopsicle


      I would donate for them to take away fedot's ghost hawk :Kappa:

    2. platinumfire


      Noooo i actually got excited and went to the donation page...then i became quite disappointed 

  10. Anybody want it. Its pretty snazzy.
  11. So worth it 


    1. CommanderSuki


      You would love VoiceAttack i use it with the Orion voice pack when i play Elite Dangerous :)

    2. fugi



      CommanderSuki same lol 

  12. Day 15 of January. Still no donation goal. 

    1. Jesse


      I believe it was already determined in the staff mtg. Just hasn't been updated. Sorry you're just out of the loop. Read our mindz.

    2. Goodman
    3. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy


  13. Bring back Unit 2 channels