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  1. @Jesse You should add impounding/seizing to the TAB cancel button

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    2. Joel


      13 minutes ago, Danger said:

      Just get in it?

      We are trying to make things official Danger gosh.. quit trying to cheat the system.

    3. Danger
    4. Jesse


      Done. If you can think of some other things that it should be added to lmk.

  2. ts
  3. Poseidon thought the tags were eating up the names Thats the point nobody wants it like this.
  4. Shits simple. You want them visible or hidden.
  5. so are we really gonna go all of February without a fucking goal

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    2. I Am Fuzzy
    3. Jesse


      We have a goal, it's just not posted.

      It's "To keep the servers alive for another month" - Serpico

    4. Raine


      3 minutes ago, Jesse said:

      We have a goal, it's just not posted.

      It's "To keep the servers alive for another month" - Serpico

      Please post it soon I've looked at it about every six hours for the past two weeks just ask my gang mates 

  6. how much u selling the cpu for???
  7. happy birthday Jpeg!

  8. Shoutout to @Potato for dominos! :wub:

    1. Jesse


      Glad to see there's a lot of Domino's giving going on!

  9. i say we make it the whole bomb time. 20 min of aids.
  10. Shoutout to Doubtful for the dozen donuts!

    1. Kanger


      Dozen,how cute...Me and @Winters have enough donuts to supply half of kavala. :4head: https://gyazo.com/fd5caee468150a8703a24d391d0ccefa

      And some coffee because those donuts are drier than a popcorn fart


    2. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy


  11. why do po's get cooler uniforms than corporals

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    2. Rogue


      All you need now is a sting so you can keep on buzzzzin

    3. Berg02



    4. Danger
  12. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I hope you fixed gang life.
  13. Thank you for quoting rules to me in this situation. You were way to immature to be on a whitelisted faction.