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  1. qck+ is pretty cheap and really high quality
  2. happy birthday to daddy @TheRealKyle I wouldnt be half as retarded without you <3

    1. Linka


      only 3/4th

  3. @Dejay @EatMeth @TheRealKyle
  4. rahim best gun for us dirty sand niggers
  5. throw back https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1nb3Bb2Y2eEM95-l7u_AdupWaSQQ2bCi_mI-2N8bakgw/edit
  6. donations

    idc what the goal is but just add on rangefinders to it
  7. Ok, so back on subject: Pretty happy with my setup, looking to buy a 144hz monitor around Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Just bough the Duckyshine 5 in September and couldn't be more pleased with it.
  8. ur name says obama but ur picture says brokeback mountain, please dont quote me ever again queer
  9. ur all shit stfu // will win you shit kids. dont even bother attending u bloated pineapple looking cucks.
  10. Asylum wasnt the first server to have gang bases... Blackwing Gaming (Most popular Altis life server in 2013 / early 2014 before the owner died) had purchasable gang bases long before Asylum. Pretty much all Altis life servers use the same copy paste scripts or take ideas from Arma 2 life servers so it is pointless to argue about what server has "ownership" of a script.
  11. if they are just "a bunch of Asylum randies" then it should be an easy win for your amazing, well known, olympus gang. gl
  12. ive got one of the special LT berets. What are you offering for it?
  13. edit: wrong thread lol
  14. Singleplayer: Microsoft pinball for windows vista Multiplayer: Adventure quest world @Tman15tmb madden '09 best madden
  15. sorry u cant participate in this conversation u propaganda spreading kike