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  1. Congrats @Talindor Well deserved!!!

    1. Talindor




    2. Dejay


      go for that sgt spot. there's a lot of them

  2. Nailed it!
  3. Great post @Goodman couldn't agree more.
  4. For all you current and former runescapers 5710c6732a.jpg

  5. Just left Virginia, I'll be home in 9 hours olympus!!!!

  6. Maybe an every month donation goal and if we don't make it the server goes away.
  7. I agree with @G.O.A.T. have to wait until the kids get out of school, if it's done. Doing it before that could set it up for failure.
  8. Servers cost a decent amount of money and it would be a bit more work for the staff. I'd rather have 2 full servers then a third server with 30 people also. However as long as it was populated decently I wouldn't be opposed.
  9. I re-allocated my memory and have gotten very few bugs.
  10. If I don't, I usually have to do it anyways after the next one because my computer decides to have seizures.
  11. After blackscreens/ Tex ture bugs I like to do a full reboot of my computer.
  12. @Linka Trying to take over the status feed, huh? Lol

    1. Linka


      no regrets go like them I have a goal 

  13. Can't wait to come home from Virginia tomorrow night...

  14. Damn man that sucks. I hope you figure it out and get it fixed and get everything back.