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  1. 58e2b469b7236d068771cc1bb6afc134.jpg

    Migraines are the worst...halpppp

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    2. Jesse


      This morning my internet was slow as an old whore... So I ate leftover Chinese food and drank beer. Now it's back up and all I want to do is go back to bed.

    3. Danger


      lol jesse. your sleep schedule is so out of control.

    4. Jesse


      Yeah. I've been up from 7am-7pm... 2mor I got work when I've been sleeping. So now I need to stay up like 20hrs today. It's fucked.

  2. since when can we scroll through status updates? I like it!

    1. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      I like this as well!



      I just noticed this when I clicked it and found this status update.

  3. how about if a cop is tazed and restrained at a jail/fed/BW. you can pull ghosthawk and have guns hot. regardless of bomb situation.
  4. Everyone get along!!! it's making me sad. :FeelsBad:

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    2. TheCmdrRex


      @I Am Fuzzy News team was just the tipping point for the TS tag decision. They never intended for tags to be removed it wasn't their decision. And honestly I don't see where the hate is for the news team. It doesn't directly affect you. They literally are the equivalent to a medic in game only they don't even affect a situation.  

    3. fugi


      @TheCmdrRex for us that have been here for a long time the last news team left a bad taste in everyone mouth they said all would be fine it would be a good idea and all it was is some dumb fuck getting into your face screaming HEY WHAT YOU SHOOTING AT ......

    4. TheCmdrRex



      Give it a chance with a completely new structure and people behind it.

  5. Don't let @TheRandomOne fly it lol
  6. Good luck guys!!!!!
  7. news.jpg

    1. TheRandomOne


      Just wait till I start my 10 part mini-series on the migration and habits of the average kavalian, a la steve Irwin style. That's gunna be some news.

  8. Money well spent
  9. Winner....
  10. Negative ghost rider.....
  11. Certain people and there bans take longer to decide on. You will just have to continue to wait until it is answered. Posting on the forums about it will not accelerate the process.