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    I'll just leave this here!

    1. Det. Payne

      Det. Payne

      what are you leaving?

    2. Danger


      There's a video, you have to go to my profile to see it.

    3. Det. Payne
  2. Well, pulled an all nighter. Now it's time to start my 9 hour drive to Virginia for the weekend. :FeelsBad:

  3. No way, just try and do your best to isolate the people you have in custody to avoid them being shot. Things happen, people get caught in crossfire, shot out of a car etc. The invincible cuffs would be a little overboard in my opinion. If it's clearly obvious they killed the restrained players intentionally report it.
  4. You will be missed on staff, you did a really great job.
  5. Yeah...you almost had it lol. Good thing @Hot Pocket kept his distance.
  6. I reduced my sound quality and I see less texture bugs. Still get a decent amount of them however.
  7. Lol. All hail the great and powerful TREE xD
  8. Please submit a ban appeal ticket. http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ After doing that join Teamspeak and wait in the ban appeal channel with your ticket id and banning admin/mod in your name.
  9. So RP Soundboard does not work on ts for me, what does everyone else use?

    1. Solomon


      Its because of the recent teamspeak update, mass mover is broken as well. You can look for other plugins but it might be easier to wait for the updated version

    2. Danger


      Alright thanks man.

  10. I don't think a wipe would encourage people to play or come back, could just make people salty and not want to play.....but who knows.
  11. You acquire licenses for legal runs from DMV. You acquire licenses for illegal runs at its respective processor.
  12. Welcome, hope you like our server! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.