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  1. you dont need to type a ip 24/7 just bookmark it
  2. Happy Birthday!:)

  3. Congrats on mod :)

  4. Happy Birthday @Ignis

    1. Ignis


      Thanks man!

  5. O7 i will never forget the invisible quad bike that saved me from walking 3km
  6. I mean it kinda is your fault for putting a heli in the middle of the road if someone was speeding down the road in a hatchback and seen it last minute they wouldnt have enough time to turn off
    1. TheCmdrRex


      My ears are bleeding...

    2. Jordan540


      @TheCmdrRex makes up for all the screaming you do when we play seige 

  7. happy birthday 

  8. Happy birthday bud!

  9. #5 looks like rain dear