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  1. Happy B-Day Ares!

  2. >mfw our president can't spell "Honored"bX7Eo.gif

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    2. Tman15tmb


      Nitpick much?

    3. McDili


      Bahahahaha! As I said, when Trump becomes president the memes will be real. Gonna be funnier than George Bush trying to complete a sentence.

    4. Pledge


      As I said to all my trump supporter friends: "These 4 years are going to be full of me quoting Trump"

  3. DaneG

    Ares has a forum account? lmao Happy Birthday man! ;)

  4. happy birthday

  5. happy birthday

  6. I got banned for rdm and I don't know why didn't do anything wrong

    1. Plumber



      Hit new request and submit a ban appeal. Fill it out and submit. This is not a place for it.

    2. DanteFleury


      If you think you were unjustly banned and/or want to appeal the ban, please submit a ban appeal ticket. Click SUPPORT At the top right of the website. Then Click New Request. Fill out the required form and be sure to select Ban Appeal in the drop down menu. Once you have submitted that, go to our TS: and  wait in the Ban Center. Make sure to change your TS name to Your name-Staff member's name-Ticket Number. If you have any other questions, feel free to visit the support center in our TS.

  7. Happy Birthday 


  8. "Coming to a plane shop near you soon will be the To-199 Neophron, A-164 Wipeout and A-143 Buzzard. These will be stripped of all ammunition of course for civilian use."

    Whaaatt soon it will be  time to flex dat bank account a lil

  9. @G.O.A.T. Idea: If a Corporal chases a civ into a cartel/rebel lethals are authorized on wave 1 if no sgt is online.

    1. Plumber


      Unless they've changed it that's always been the case. If you chase someone in the rebel you can still call for wave 1 backup however you have to stop pursuing once everyone dies.

      Nevermind I just read that wrong. My bad. Thats definitely something GOAT might be able to come up with. It just doesn't happen that often.

  10. Happy birthday @Ares have a good day!

  11. Happy Bday Ares! You welsh cunt

  12. Happy birthday Ares

  13. Spamming gl on all the recruitment thread is a poor way to get your rep and content count up :Kappa:

  14. How to teabag a Ghosthawk


    1. Talindor


      Very lucky that went through Deadpool

    2. DeadPool1337


      @Talindor I wish I could have slung it 

  15. I've been unwell and lost my voice, i'll return soon!

    1. Sociopathic
    2. CheckUrFoodNWater


      its cool.. shes cool.. we cool..


    3. Mr Kevin

      Mr Kevin

      Get better

  16. Happy Birthday. 

    My favorite a d m i n 


    "I don't need proof, I'm an Admin." -Ares 2016


  17. I usually never eat McDonalds. In the past 2 days I've ate it 3x. That is 4x from the start of 2016 till now. I'm now paying the price needless to say... Felt you all should know.

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    2. Marty


      enjoy those bowel movements 

    3. DeadPool1337


      Take 5 tums and a handful of ecstasy so you don't remember it

    4. Danger


      I always feel gross after eating McDonald's! 

  18. @Ares Happy Birthday man, here's to one more year to reach your goal of getting banned on every Garry's Mod server!

  19. Happy Birthday @Ares !!!!

  20. Happy Bday!!!!!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Ares:)

  22. Come get your daily dose


  23. My name is peter long...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqSaEiZYhJw



    1. Fuzy


      He had a Deputy vest on as a corp. XD