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Status Updates

  1. The News Team Handbook is up! Just waiting on the last pieces of the puzzle. Feel free to message me in TS or the forums if you guys have questions/anything you wanna talk about!

  2. Congrats on Lt Bud! Very well deserved. Drink some sparkling water to celebrate ^.^

  3. One Rook and a dream

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    2. TheCmdrRex


      That's all it took to RDM @Peter Long

    3. OlympusAccount


      "Krusty Krab is unfair" 

      Rip random civ I saw in Clothes store

    4. Sociopathic



      Random civ at #FreeBox protest.

  4. When you're driving your hatchback on the MSR and come across that checkpoint. 




      Holy shit. that was like a damn bomb.

  5. Congrats On Lieutenant @Midnightcamo

  6. 27327dab8c8003bffaf1c32bad265046.gif

    I got one tapped like a CSGO scrub

    1. OlympusAccount


      Full vid pls, I want to see the explosion

  7. I would like to extend my formal hand in congratulating Mr. @Midnightcamo on achieving the Lieutenant position in the Altis Police Department.

  8. Rip @Vacant :( You will forever be my favorite LT


  10. Looking to buy 100rd MX mags and 12.7 mags. Hmu if you know anyone who has them Spread the word!!!

  11. PSA: I do own the @OlympusAccount

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    2. Fedot


      This is a whole new definition of Self Harm Fedot

    3. OlympusAccount



    4. Sociopathic


      I feel bamboozled

  12. RIP broke the scroll wheel on my mouse while playing on a 1944 KOTH server yesterday :(

    1. Sociopathic


      That sucks, happened to me too so my scroll wheel was broken till I got a new mouse, I just binded my action key to one of the side buttons on my mouse.

    2. Fedot


      I can teach you how to fix it Msg me. Ive been doing repairs for a while now

    3. CommanderSuki


      I ordered a G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse EWR2 should be here thursday.

      @Fedot I know how to fix it i just have to glue the small pin that broke back on or drill a hole through the wheel and make a new pin but i don't want to do it.

  13. 1.5 mil for a picture of Poseidon 

    1. Frank Castle
    2. platinumfire


      Image result for poseidon

      he's sitting on all the money he makes from this server :) 

    3. Fedot


      I have a picture.


    1. Noah Twinkletoes
    2. Lucki


      I'm not sure how I feel about this...

    3. DeadPool1337


      My next montage song ekekeeke

  15. 1 mil in game for a real life picture of Corporal moob 

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    2. Fedot


      5 hours ago, Corporal_moob said:

      Of course Fernando would have a picture, and of course he would shit himself for a mil.

      Probably beats whining in side chat for money like a fuckin pauper.

      Remember when we found your twitter and your mum who  is some goverment shit

    3. Corporal_moob



      I Don't hide my social media profiles. You know that, and you found my Step-mother, Who is Assistant Chief Constable, Head of Cyber Crime and CID for Northern Ireland. :D Do what you will, I tell you whut.

    4. Fedot




      BRUUUH I cant do shit bc she can track me with her l33t skills

  16. Texture bug fix seems to be working great!

  17. Sup lads finally free'd :)

  18. Still selling 50 CSAT Ghillies. 
    50k Each
    Price Negotiable. 
    Also Have 20 Green Hex Fatigues. 

    1. Fuzy


      Any coveralls?

    2. bigPat


      nur, sold all those to Chaos, he has a fetish for them thangs.