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Status Updates

  1. Ladies. Looking to buy a garage no further than 3.0 km from Kavala rebel server 1. 

    1. Dejay


      20m 1k from rebel

    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Thanks! Although my retired staff salary is slowly declining. Can't afford that. 

  2. To everyone showing interest (we appreciate all the applications already) in the News Team. The handbook will be out shortly for you guys (just finishing the last touches) and everything will be implemented by this next update.  Thanks for everyone wanting to get involved!

    1. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      "But the news team is pointless" :Kappa: 

    2. Danger
  3. Looking to buy 23,24 and 25 houses and garages on server 2 lmk what you have

  4. Buying houses and garages for everything. Let me know what you have/offers.

    1. HyperGoat
    2. Berg02


      dp1 house 3 crater and garage like 400m from pro lmao

  5. Feel like I've been in a nascar wreck  4c0efe191ed55a1ff02c333438a3837a.gif


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    2. Fedot


      I got banned for doing that

    3. Tman15tmb



    4. OlympusAccount


      You basically were.

  6. Anyone know how to fix scroll wheels not working outside of arma ?

    1. Joel


      My old mouse had that problem, I learned it was broken.

    2. DeadPool1337


      I found out I had non updated drivers

    3. Fedot


      Find me on TS. I actually just fixed my mouse same issue

  7. It almost lives


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    2. Ignis


      Looks nice though man! Black kind red is always the way to go. 

    3. Fedot


      ARe you making an Open Design Computer?

    4. Ares


      Yes will be mounted on my wall

  8. 7f0d759e8421f6820ec1c71264e04ea3.png


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    2. Fedot


      No regrets the only bridge where you could get launched 700kms

    3. Virus


      The bridge is a representation of the News Team in Moob's mind

    4. Corporal_moob
    1. BlackJack


      Good Job Medics 10/10 

    2. Ventar


      @Muthinator is going to have an aneurysm..

    3. Fedot


      @Muthinator Disciplined me for doing a Amazing water rescue. he's gonna shotgun his brain with this one

      @BlackJack dont be a snitch, keep the medic confidential... MFW it's @LARRY823 AGAIN


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    2. Muthinator


      Because, Acid...

    3. JBruesch


      Thanks for the nightmares

    4. CommanderSuki


      54 minutes ago, JBruesch said:

      Thanks for the nightmares

      Im here to serve. Please let know when you want the real nightmare videos.

  10. Selling S2 2 crate sofia rebel house 400m from rebel 

  11. Buying Server 1 Kavala Rebel House/Garage. 

    1. BlackJack


      Dejay have one for 20mil

    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      ayeeeeeeeeeeee hes freeeeeeeeee :D

    1. Poseidon


      He'll be dead by then probably, or become fully retarded due to bein so old.

    2. Frank Castle
  12. Gang Wars??

    1. Excision


      do u play asylum? if so theres always a spot in absence Kappa

  13. whos ur profile pic?

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    2. D A Q U A N

      D A Q U A N

      thought it looked familiar :/

    3. Phizx


      Yeah, he's probably been in all the comedy movies in 2016 lol

    4. Matt The Savage
  14. the texture bug fix is gods work :wub:

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    2. lil boat

      lil boat

      1 minute ago, TroyOGG said:

      when it works


      When it first came out, it never worked. Recently, its been working for me like a charm

    3. TroyOGG


      It takes away the texture and i get 40fps again but then they put the textures back on and i get 3fps just take away textures forever

    4. Muthinator


      After changing my Parameter settings I have only crashed once after about 10-12 hours of playing.  When I finally did crash I was in my 3rd consecutive hour of playing without having any previous issues or bugs.  Before changing the settings I was texture bugging every 30-45 minuets like clock work and crashing after the texture bug.  Literally a night a day difference after making the changes.  Performance goes down a little bit when I am around Kavala but other then that smooth sailing so far.

  15. Heard the donation goal included a Taylor Swift emoticon addition...


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    2. Jesse


      Cannot do admin panel(web)... Can do blackfish & in-game admin. Only for the duration until it goes noticed and gets changed... Which you'd know because I'd probably be removed...

    3. DeadPool1337


      Ight let me do some digging 


    4. Grandma Gary
  16. Make a wish  200287d17f9a92ea59110c77077073d4.gif


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    2. Lucki


      Fuck this website. Doubleposted, and then when I edited the original post, it erased my second one.

      Long story short, Arma physics is spot on if you ignore air resistance. You can calculate a bunch of shit from it.

    3. DeadPool1337
    4. yobson
  17. Wanting to buy server 2 Kavala rebel houses/garages and Dp25 3-4 craters.

    Will spend a lot of $$$

    1. Ventar


      I have a 3 crater silly

  18. TeamSpeak down?

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    2. reno walkins

      reno walkins

      since this is happenoing with some people and im on the eastern area, can we still hop on medic?

    3. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Yes, communicate everything through group chat.  Keep each other updated.

    4. Isaac Newton
  19. looking to trade my abdura house for a heroin. 2 crater