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Status Updates

  1. :(


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    2. Produs


      7 minutes ago, savage (; said:

      Fuck aslyum shit server


    3. Dejay


      must have been right before you got blacklisted over there as well

    4. Joel


      I got banned forever.

  2. I will admit, I do look forward to the news team's open criticism to the senior administrations and staff. A group that will be able to formally analyze decisions made within factions and community rather than to try to gather feedback from a large angry mob complaining. 

  3. @Peter Long if you were a woman I'd lick your butt

    - @McDili

    1. Joel


      I'd do it if we was a man. 

    2. Bow


      Peter just said "fuck me daddy"

  4. For those who want to voice their opinions on the news team constructively, please feel free to join the news team applicants channel and we will be happy to discuss with you guys

    1. Tman15tmb


      If you fuck sticks turn the news team into CNN I'm shutting you guy's down. Best of luck! ^___^

    2. TheRandomOne
    3. Tman15tmb


      I edited my post. Fox News is a little better than CNN. If you want to be like Fox News go ahead. :D

  5. Live every second like it's your last. Life is short my friends.

    1. Nikoteen


      Thank for the update.

  6. PSA: The real reason the tags were removed is due to the fact everybody and thier mother wanted like 7 Tags for one Faction

  7. hey

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  8. Can we get this to 1k likes?

    1. Grenade65


      Can we at least get it to one like?

  9. PSA: News team was not the reason that tags got removed from teamspeak

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    2. Pledge


      Removing the news will not cause it to be changed back @fugi

    3. fugi


      @Pledge and you know this 100% ?

    4. Pledge


      @fugi Yes, I even asked Poseidon, and we offered to shorten our tags if that was what caused it. But nobody wants to listen to us long enough to realize it wasnt us.

  10. wtf rip youtube 


  11. I missed the drama... What's all this about with the tags and News Team? And why the fuck would you remove tags in ts? Lol

    1. Goodman


      • Topic 1: There was a decision, I believe by Poseidon, to remove TS tags around the name and instead have just the badges. 
      • Topic 2: News team is in the works and some don't think it should be a thing.


    2. CommanderSuki


      Some are blaming the News Team for the ts tags.

    3. JAY1HP


      Nobody cares what you missed Ph^zX

  12. Everyone get along!!! it's making me sad. :FeelsBad:

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    2. TheCmdrRex


      @I Am Fuzzy News team was just the tipping point for the TS tag decision. They never intended for tags to be removed it wasn't their decision. And honestly I don't see where the hate is for the news team. It doesn't directly affect you. They literally are the equivalent to a medic in game only they don't even affect a situation.  

    3. fugi


      @TheCmdrRex for us that have been here for a long time the last news team left a bad taste in everyone mouth they said all would be fine it would be a good idea and all it was is some dumb fuck getting into your face screaming HEY WHAT YOU SHOOTING AT ......

    4. TheCmdrRex



      Give it a chance with a completely new structure and people behind it.

  13. Can we get this to 1k likes?

  14. Put the tags back.

    Honestly who the fuck even cares about a news team.

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    2. TheRandomOne


      Wait, so should start messaging people to and telling them how to vote too then?

    3. Pledge


      Now your out of line. @TheRandomOne Let the poll go how it may

    4. Corporal_moob



      Pretty sure all I did was post it in my teamspeak so people could see.

      Haven't even left the original channel I've been in since I posted it.

  15. I really hate how the ts tags are now it took me 5 min to find a Lieutenant just to find out they were afk :(

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    2. TheRandomOne


      Yeah his is. This is slightly more constructive though, so +1 to that.

    3. bigSMOKE


      the ts now looks plain and dumb in my opinion along with many other people. it's obvious people did not want this change as its not hard to find someone in my opinion.

    4. TheRandomOne


      I agree with you @bigSMOKE. At minimum they should have Sr tags, otherwise, throw the tags all to one side, therefore you can have all your tags and still easily see a name

  16. S A N C T I O N S

  17. Wow look at that shiny tag @Joel

  18. Anyone selling a Pygros rebel garage ? Will pay top dollar .