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  1. Damn i remember when it was talindor for sergeant now it's like talindor for owner

    1. Phizx


      Don't think it was ever talindor for sergeant xD

    2. Talindor


      I was one of the highest qualified officers. My problem was the fact that I cannot take tests well, I understood all the answers, but in a room full of my peers my nervousness and second guessing myself led me to have to take another test.

  2. One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can't change.

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    2. Orgondo


      @Linka I listen to everything but Jazz, Opera and Country bro



    3. Ham


      Infant Annihilator, oh my...

    4. platinumfire


      3 hours ago, Orgondo said:

      @Linka I listen to everything but Jazz, Opera and Country bro

      Funny im the same as you :)   

  3. Plz add black carrier lites to rebel shop

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    2. Linka


      1 hour ago, William 'Daniel' Wallace said:

      Please add rocket propelled shoulder mounted fucking weapons of mass destruction to the clothing store.

      wow that was really funny. you're actually autistic.

    3. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      @Linka It's time to reform, don't call him autistic. You need to show your good side, he just has extra chromosomes. :)

    4. William 'Daniel' Wallace

      William 'Daniel' Wallace

      @Lethals Loaded 

      *missing 1

      im super special

      Edited by William 'Daniel' Wallace
  4. Thank the RNG Gods for getting me selected as an alternate juror for my panel. No longer have to appear everyday. FeelsGoodMan

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VstDOv0C1do

    Incredibly historically accurate.

    1. iPopsicle


      Fuck your Subaru I have a horse outside

    2. Orgondo


      So is this the music i should be expecting in the Pubs when i visits? Lol


    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Irish karaoke


      This is a young @Corporal_moob

  6. When the APD trying to take your boy... you tap the pilot out!


    1. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      Sir, from what I can tell this is a clear breach of rules. You knew your friend is in that helicopter and killing the pilot would kill him but because you treated this as "just a game" unlike everyone else, you did not feel bad about killing your friend.

      Enjoy your ban :bigcheefface:

  7. Congrats to DaneG for passing the average life expectancy in Newcastle.

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    2. DaneG


      Hahaha, cheers. Although, I'm sure the life expectancy in Scotland is like 12 right? So you're not past it just yet ;);)

    3. William 'Daniel' Wallace

      William 'Daniel' Wallace

      That's just too far now.

      You know I'm really sensitive about being the only 8 year old on arma 

    4. Tman15tmb
  8. Happy Birthday @Gibbs @DaneG and @DarwinsMisfit

    1. Gibbs


      Thanks pledge!


    2. DaneG


      Thanks pledgey

      p.s I want wings on Minecraft from my bday ;)

  9. jesus christ


    1. iPopsicle


      I would donate for them to take away fedot's ghost hawk :Kappa:

    2. platinumfire


      Noooo i actually got excited and went to the donation page...then i became quite disappointed 

  10. Murksanity is a thing again! Recruitment Page is open. See are improvement. And then we will be at cartels.

    1. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      i hope you go to cartels. no gangs fight anymore :(

    2. Twitchy


      Fuzzy it gonna be me versus all the gangs that fight cartels on s1 but it gonna be sick montage clips 1v6 all day..

    3. Danger


      Good luck man, go get them!!!

  11. Have a birthday @DaneG @Gibbs

    1. DaneG


      Thanks Merc, I'll sure try! :P

    2. Gibbs


      Thanks man!

  12. Happy Birthday to @DaneG and @Gibbs!!

    Maybe @DaneG will finally grow up! :)

    1. Twitchy


      Twitchy - Rex aren't you 16?? If so, don't u have some maturing to do... (Sets up go karts underneath medics cars.. gets shot into the fucking moon) XD

    2. DaneG


      Thanks Rexxy, Have fun being 16 ;)

  13. Happy Birthday 


    1. Gibbs


      Thanks buddy!


  14. Happy Bday Dane!

    1. DaneG


      Thanks my man! :P

  15. Happy Birthday Gibbs!