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Status Updates

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    2. Poseidon


      [hur dur swag][nother tag lmao][ayy bb i got a tag] Ur Mum [super admin][support][designer] says: sup dude

    3. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      not an improvement

    4. Fuzy


      @Poseidon I think that ranks should be visable, and then just cut all the other crap out, like the squads and donator levels.

  1. Vigi at Blackwater easy.


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    2. Muthinator


      The R&R is always hiring qualified individuals.

    3. Joel


      I guess I cant be hired.

    4. Muthinator
  2. Is there more than one Produs or something??? Fuckin medics out here callin me fake

  3. Just to clarify, the texture bug hotfixer works like this: It waits for you to get texture bug, it sees you have shit fps < 7. If you maintain shit fps for more than 5 seconds it then try's to do something to fix texture bug. Keep in mind since you have 3 fps things might run slower. It's not a sure way to fix texture bug, it's not perfect, but many staff did notice it fixed it for a short while when they would try it.

    Also it will notify you that it's trying to fix it, so if you never see the notification in the top right when you get it, let me know.

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    2. bigPat


      So Poseidon, my experience with this fix is that when the event occurs of it noticing the low FPS, it fixes it for abut 2 seconds then the texture bug comes right back. I have a video if you want. 

    3. DABESTeva


      For me and a couple of my gang mates it would fix it for a couple of secound then our games would just crash.

    4. Poseidon


      In most cases it fixes it briefly, giving you a few minutes to maybe finish what you were doing and restart your game.

  4. Hopefully News Team actually goes somewhere this time, don't fuck up bois

    1. TheRandomOne


      Well, that's up to @ThatRandomGuy. I'm excited to see what he does with it

    2. ThatRandomGuy


      Its defenetly not going to include a lot of porn

  5. Lol at people saying @ThatRandomGuy is news team lead. 

    1. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      The meme is real

    2. ThatNerdyGuy
    3. Pledge


      I started this as a meme...now I must fix it

  6. Congrats @TheRandomOne on Editor-in-chief!

  7. Congrats @TheRandomOne on news team and @Daskopflos for never getting it :Kappa: 

  8. Congratulations @ThatRandomGuy on head of news team!!

  9. Congrats to @ThatRandomGuy on news team lead!

  10. congrats @ThatRandomGuy father

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  11. Congrats to @ThatRandomGuy on news team lead! :Kappa:






    1. TheRandomOne
    2. fugi


      news again :/ #lonnie

    3. ThatRandomGuy


      i better get this tag in ts now pledge ;)

  12. @christos_aris You still have the flight thing going? DM me

  13. Anyone selling garages close to any rebel outpost ? I'll pay top dollar for one. 

  14. APD no longer has control with the city of Kavala! The Civilians outnumber my officers weapons and persons!  Send help Trump!!

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    2. Stelar


      Build a wall to enter Kav?

    3. Jordan540


      Build a wall and make [KS] pay for it 

    4. RambleR


      +1 jordan! hahahha


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    2. DeadPool1337


      @Marcus He use to be a Corp when I was a Deputy

    3. Marcus


      @DeadPool1337 I'm talking about currently. With all this cancer.

    4. Rogue


      This is cancer. i was restrained for 10minutes along with deadpool...

  16.  Add a third server 

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    2. G.O.A.T.


      Not until we are close to summer, once that happens I'm all for it.

    3. Joel


      You paying?

    4. DeadPool1337


      I mean like Goat said closer to summer brings the kids and the donation goals

  17. giphy.gif


    Hey guys! I'll have all the news team posts and info up when I get home from work today. Also, I apologize for not getting back to everyone last night, was 3am lol,but I'll be getting back to everyone today though!



  18. Take the big tower out of the new cartel 3ca615139b5fa32ba9a0ecb8a5d2bda2.gif

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    2. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      I moved in and out of your mama pretty well last night! 

    3. Mory Mango

      Mory Mango

      You need any industrial vehicles to do so?


    4. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Funny you mention that : I tell your mom to get on her "Back Ho"  all the time! 

  19. news.jpg

    1. TheRandomOne


      Just wait till I start my 10 part mini-series on the migration and habits of the average kavalian, a la steve Irwin style. That's gunna be some news.

  20. Wait a sec.... are you the one I call @Jaeger Mannen

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    2. TheRandomOne


      One day people will tell us apart

    3. Danger


      Maybe you can tell the people of Olympus in your first news broadcast!!!

    4. ThatRandomGuy
  21. Processing is working as intended. Sucks to suck. Have you seen the fucked rebel that like spawns your vehicle in Sofia or some shit? Also, theres a new cartel ladies.

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    2. bigSMOKE


      wait what changed? I haven't been on what happened 

    3. Jesse


      No lmao. It was just me literally being trash. I fucked up like 5 things. lol. Small shit, small misses really.

      I mean there's a blog update with the changes :/

    4. bigSMOKE