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Status Updates

  1. 1a5218b9dd6911d6f54455b22cbefc8f.png

    Can confirm this new possible texture thing works.... There are 20 APD Prowlers out in front of me and my frames are rocking a steady 80+.

  2. :(:( moving will stop processing :(:(:(

  3. It's so perfect guys...

  4.  #leave@Muthinatoralone

    1. Strafe



  5. Guess what's coming back:


    More info coming shortly guys :D

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    2. Strafe


      I like how my age is a insult. Also i know people get texture bugged on Asylum but its not as frequent i dont mind a texture bug here and there but every fucking hour pisses me off. Also before you call my pc shit. GTX 970 I5 12 GB of ram. Also i never said the hospitals are a problem. It seemed to be untill we realized its any custom texture, hell i got texture bugged at terminal storing a heli and some money i doubt the hospital had anything to do with that. Im simply saying we dont need super detailed textures or parts of the map. Things like those standing maps and such are more or less a hazard as walking into them kill you. And the billboards seem to serve no purpose at all, i also want to say these arent the main route of the texture bugs just the things ive been around when it happens.

    3. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Hey wasteland junkie, quit it! I got texture bugged just by passing through fed the other day... NO damn hostpital near. Just plain old texture-less fed. 

      I got texture bugged the other night even before having loaded everything, right after the startup menu and bam. Texture bug. You know damn well it's Bohemia. Also, just because asylum looks like a King of the hill server with little sticks and plaques for NPC's doesn't mean Olympus has to have such shit tier interactivity options as well. 

    4. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Honestly you guys are all being children. 

  6. Love when TS removes all of my plugins and bookmarks

  7. That moment when u want to have a friendly fight with  1 other gang then every gang on the sever including APD shows up :bigcheef:

    1. G.O.A.T.


      that moment when you got swooped by a jetski

    2. BlackJack
    3. Strafe


      Was fun though.

  8. Texture bug fixed or did the hospitals just get removed? xd

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    2. Phizx


      Lose weight dejay

    3. DeadPool1337


      They will never get removed or nerfed only bigger.....

    4. Muthinator


      They will be HUUUUUUGE!

  9. Texture bug hacky hotfix coming next update (soon). Most staff who have used it have experienced positive results.

  10. Reply to this with a good reason why and ill buy you a $15 game just because I have it in my steam wallet lol. 

    Ill chose the best answer.

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    2. Ignis



    3. Danger


      It's a trap!

    4. Joel


      @Danger I'll buy you the game if Peter doesn't want it. 

  11. Overwatch Comp? High Diamond - 3361 sr? anyone

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    2. HyperGoat


      whats ur battle net


      we cant play either way but still 1 day ill be there

    3. Jazzy




      i decayed to 3600 cause i haven't played in a bit :( 

    4. HyperGoat
  12. Ooh shit, rangefinders.

  13. @Jesse 

    Would it be a neat idea if we were able to buy these houses? They could cost like 350k and only be a spawn point with like 100 storage.ed3bc4d77657df1f91c536de0ddddd30.jpg

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    2. Phizx


      Who cares if we're copying Asylum? Kobe must've been retarded for playing like Michael Jordan, you know, following the best player in the league only to become on himself. With our 10x better host and less lag, and some of asylums ideas our server can be fucking flawless @Jesse

    3. Joel


      There is a lot of these houses by rebels that's why I want it : p

    4. Muthinator


      11 minutes ago, Phizx said:

       leave leave leave leave leave leave

      No No No No No No No

  14. Looking to hand off ownership of these old things if anyone wants to re-open them for a side project. Just PM me and well talk.

    Items Listings

    Real Estate Listings

    They even come with thumbnails!

    1. Jesse


      Why don't we get real estate subforum?

    2. Goodman


      Not a bad idea. I just used to use these cuz it was easy to have everything and compare it all in one list. Plus people seemed to use it often. Just throwing these out there if anyone wants ownership.

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    2. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      Not mine..  I was 11 then and did not even have a PC haha

    3. Jesse


      No thats mine lol.

    4. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      Ahh, you have me beat quite a few years.

  15. Still selling alot of CSAT clothing cheap!
    PM me for more info

  16. hmm you would think it was promotion night 


  17. im no wizard how would i know :)

  18. @RambleR how does that work if i havent posted on there in almost 3 months? ;=;

  19. If one more medic makes me black screen imma be pissed.

  20. Why does APD helis have to be so expensive?

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    2. TheCmdrRex


      Why does Deadpool need to crash so many helis? 

    3. Jesse


      One has guns, one doesn't. Also, can't chop R&R vehicles. So the exploit isn't existent for that.

    4. RambleR


      460k for ghosthawk and 160k for orca insurance isn't shit compared to free free mxm's and mk1's :) 

      I still smh when ever i see a medic in a Gunned heli lol

  21. so are we really gonna go all of February without a fucking goal

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    2. I Am Fuzzy
    3. Jesse


      We have a goal, it's just not posted.

      It's "To keep the servers alive for another month" - Serpico

    4. Raine


      3 minutes ago, Jesse said:

      We have a goal, it's just not posted.

      It's "To keep the servers alive for another month" - Serpico

      Please post it soon I've looked at it about every six hours for the past two weeks just ask my gang mates 

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