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Status Updates

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    1. Goodman
    2. iPopsicle


      Lol I guess someone viewbotted me :bigcheefface::bigcheefface: idek that was a thing.

      Is there a way to stop them?

    3. Fedot


      I remember I got a fairly large Twitch Streamer banned, I viewbotted the fuck outta him (bumped him from 2k active watchers to 60k, also had them talking in chat.) The dumb ass said "hey could you view bot me all the time?" within 5 minutes is account was banned.

  2. #BeatTheCowgirls

  3. Success was never the key to happiness. Happiness is and always has been the key to success.

  4. let me die pls

  5. YES PLZ

    Pilot Helmets! 

  6. pilot helmets and range finders.

    Donation goal :P 

  7. Happy B-Day to the homies @Chaos and @Vanilla Coke

  8. @Chaos happy b day my friend :D

    1. Chaos


      THank you very much d3

  9. Day 15 of January. Still no donation goal. 

    1. Jesse


      I believe it was already determined in the staff mtg. Just hasn't been updated. Sorry you're just out of the loop. Read our mindz.

    2. Goodman
    3. I Am Fuzzy
  10. Can't hit shit ;)

  11. I'm always watching


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    2. Ham


      I'm trying to find out who watches more, you or your chief tag...


    3. Danger


      sounds spooky xD

    4. Edge


      Sneaky <_<


    1. Nikoteen
    2. Virus


      feelsbadman couldnt even honor the salute

  13. Dammit Steam! Why do you always have to have weekend deals?! I can't pass up buying the complete addition of LA Noire for $8. -____-

    Fuck you and your amazing sales! Always making me feel obligated to buy shit... Fml. I wonder how much money I have spent on Steam? Probably best that I don't know.

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    2. DanteFleury


      Its the detective game where you have to judge people's answers for honesty, lies, etc. Too bad we never saw games take the idea and really utilize it. By far one of my favorite games of all time for that alone. Made you feel like you werent just following the storyline. You had to figure it out the easy way or the hard way

    3. Sociopathic


      You made me buy LA Noire

    4. Tman15tmb


      Good. It's a great game! I played it multiple times and it still doesn't get old. Partly because I'm a stoner and I forget most of the story line lol.

  14. comes back, gets banned, sadface

  15. Be happy... Not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything. :)

  16. Life is like a fart. You never know what to expect until it's already happen and too late. Never trust a fart.

  17. Does anyone know a good FREE Stress for the PC?

  18. Almost got away with the pawnee too :(

    1. Silton


      Little Bitch ran away from the fight :P 

    2. TheRandomOne


      Ran away? I was never in a fight, I was 3-4km in the air the entire time, then tried to fly off with the pawnee. I clearly had a better plan

  19. anyone know how to fix this plz 


    <10:44:06> Trying to resolve hostname olympus.ts.nfoservers.com
    <10:44:08> Failed to resolve hostname 'olympus.ts.nfoservers.com'

    1. OutCast


      did you update ts?

      Try with the direct IP.  Port: 18100

    2. fugi


      you know what i just pinged the server and found this ip and it worked ty :D

    3. iPopsicle


      idfk why 3.1 makes you directly connect w/ the ip but oh well

  20. I found this a long ass time ago and ran into it again, Watch this shit its fucking funny. 


    1. RambleR


      im fkn dead!