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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Olympus, some of you may or may not know who i am but i quit pretty recently and decided to come back. When i did play on the server it wasn't for probably about 8-10 weeks. While i played i had lots of fun playing with real life friends and rp'ing in game. Not only did a small gang of about four people that i knew play on the server, one had been playing for over a year. This player was decently known I would say and was apart of the APD. His IGN was "Thatanos." The four people that i played with attended school with me and during school we have a one and a half hour block named advisory. Pretty much a study hall for kids who don't do there work (aka no future type of kids.) But if you do your work you can pretty much do w/e you want for an hour and a half... Public school op. Anyway so me and Thatanos decided to be the most cringe worthy nerds you could possibly think of and sit in the back of the room with headphones and laptops and play video games. The first and last time we did it was about a month, maybe two months ago and we tried to play on Olympus in school but to no avail. (If you play on a laptop props to you cause no way could i play at 20 fps.) But as the people who knew of Thatanos probably know he was perma'd for harassment. Now here's where it get extremely irrational. I hadn't played on olympus for a long time due to grinding out CsGo. But i heard that there was a reset in the server when i was talking to the other 3 people that i played on Olympus with in school and I wanted to start playing again. So I re-installed arma 3 and booted it up. I tried to join Olympus and was greeted with this mind boggling message. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/535138274042372099/703A880B5F9542D1608DA3AE4EB64CEACB34F265/ I had no idea what was going on so i submitted a ticket and to be fair, Hades was far from understanding. He thought that i was Thatanos just buying another account and trying to play again but as the people of the [Tree] clan know. (If they are still around i have no idea, cant enter server. Even Moob and Co. would probably remember me cause i clapped like 6 of them in a gang war.) The community knows we are not the same person but because of that day at school, our ip's were connected so our GUID's were connected under the same IP making it look like it was one of Thatanos' accounts. Thatanos has never once seen any information to either of my two accounts. I own two copies of arma 3, one of which is banned from the Wasteland and KOTH servers hostile takeover. So i bought another copy when it was on-sale so i could play with the same group of irl friends when we wanted to play either of those gamemodes.(Banned on first account cause of spawn killing with a jet.[Rip level 61 KOTH profile]) Which is pretty irrelevant but hey w/e. Both accounts are banned from Olympus because of me playing with both accounts on my own ip address. (again looks like Thatanos because they took the GUID that was under the schools ip and then traced it to my home ip and then banned all accounts connected to my home ip. TL;DR Dont play with friends at a Lan party if you suspect them to break server rules cause every account connected to that IP will be banned even if proven other-wise. Too Long;Cant Read : http://i.imgur.com/b74AFnk.jpg (Humorous joke.) Forgot to add that nowhere in the rules or guidelines does it say that when a player is banned that they are permanently banned all accounts connected are banned other than the ban evasion rule which only applies to the player that was banned i assume. (Never banned once.)
  2. Olympus Altis Life Rules & Guidelines Last Update: 14/08/2016 Breaking any of these rules may result in administrative action. Keep in mind if another player breaks rules it does NOT give you the right to break a rule yourself. Remember Role-Play is required in almost all situations unless noted otherwise. Trying to skirt an obvious rule may still result in a ban. Play the game as it is meant to, don't attempt to get around things as this will not be excused. Staff reserve the right to ban players they feel are being toxic, disruptive or not playing by the spirit of the game mode. Not all rules can be listed so use common sense when playing. General Server rules can be found HERE Chapter 1: No Random Death Match [RDM] Chapter 2: No Vehicular Manslaughter [VDM] Spoiler Do not use vehicles to run over player unless it is an absolute last resort. Do not ram other vehicles for no reason. Do not use a helicopter to ram another helicopter, ground unit or vehicle. Rotor tapping vehicles is something you do at your peril. If the victom of a rotor tap explodes, you may be subject to a ban for VDM. If they don't explode, good job. You did it right. Chapter 3: No Random Vehicle/Item Destruction or Manslaughter Spoiler Do not blow up or destroy things for no reason. Do not flip vehicles unless they require it. Do not use items for purposes other then what they are meant for. Administrators reserve the right to remove money from your account to comp another player if you purposely caused a loss. Chapter 4: No Combat Logging Spoiler Disconnecting or aborting while in an active situation with another player is not allowed. Killing yourself on purpose while engaged with a player is considered combat logging/fail RP. Storing a vehicle while engaged with another player is considered combat logging. Chapter 5: Aviation Spoiler Warning shots may be given to air units if you do not wish for them to land near your location (3 single rounds shot not directly at the air unit). If a person does not fly away after given warning shots, you may then open fire on them. If in a helicopter, you may send a text to another vehicle to engage RP. These warning shots apply to medics as well but only within a redzone. Please refer to Chapter III - Illegal Zones on the R&R Handbook for more information. Chapter 6: In-game volume Spoiler Players must have in-game sound effects turned up to the point where direct voice communication from other players is audible. This is for possible evidence in player reports. If we cannot hear voices in the recording, the recording may be marked invalid and/or be assumed you are breaking rules. Do not sit with an open mic playing music, yelling or other disruptive sounds as this is disruptive and makes it very hard for players to hear each other. Chapter 7: Do not harm R&R Spoiler Do not mess with R&R unless they are going against your directives to offer services to another player. Never steal or rob a R&R member for any reason. R&R may be killed or taken hostage when following the guidelines found in the R&R Master Handbook under the Hostage chapter. For in depth R&R rules refer to the R&R Master Handbook. Chapter 8: Hostage / Player Robbing Spoiler A player may be taken hostage for 15 minutes, after which they may choose to stay up to another 15 minutes or leave. Once a player has been taken hostage, you may not kill the player unless they do not follow your demands (within reason). After a hostage situation the player must be released in a safe manner that will not result in death. You may take a player hostage and demand they drop their physical items, the player must then do so or it is considered fail RP. You may not take the same person hostage more then once every 30 minutes. APD members outnumbered 3 to 1 with guns clearly pointed at them need to surrender and abide by the hostage rules. For hostage situations regarding APD involvement refer to the APD Master Handbook hostage section. Chapter 9: Vigilante Spoiler Vigilantes are no exception to the law. They must also follow the server rules regarding RDM, VDM etc. Vigilantes are not required to announce before shooting in red/illegal zones. The difference between a Vigilante and a Civilian is only that they can place a wanted player in jail. You are still able to do illegal activities and can be ticketed and/or arrested If using Vigilante gear you are bound to the Vigilante rules. Example - If using the stinger, you must follow these rules. Players associated with “meta-gaming” while having a vigilante license may be subjective to receive administrative action. For example, if a player has been a victim of robbery or murder, that player may not return to seek revenge and send him/her to jail. You may not follow a player around who is breaking the law and continue to collect the bounty on them over and over. Example a player is placed in jail, you or a member of your group break them out only so you can place them back into jail over and over. You may not group with a player and allow then to build a bounty just to collect on it in the end. Do NOT abuse the vigilante license. This includes unrestraining your friends or others that an officer has restrained. You are a Vigilante not a Rebel. Do NOT send players to jail with less than $40,000 bounty. Do NOT take a wanted player, that is already restrained, away from another Vigilante unless they have asked you to. Do NOT pull players out of vehicles if a player is not wanted. Do NOT send people from your own gang to jail. You may NOT rob a wanted player and then place them in jail for a bounty. This includes members of your party as well. Vigilantes that repeatedly down another player without justifiable cause will be considered as RDM and will be dealt with. Downing a player to keep them down cause you have no zipties is RDM. Downing a player breaking the law and not on the wanted list is RDM. If you are robbing a player outside the vigilante role it must be RP'd as normal or it is RDM. Downing a player with a bounty before announcing yourself is RDM (Side chat is not considered announcing). Downing a player with a bounty that is running away from you after announcing yourself is NOT RDM. Vigilantes can simply be put as “forces that have been rejected, denied or have yet to be accepted to the Police Force to serve justice in Altis Life”. However, they are not cops. Hence, they are only authorized to act upon subjects that have a $40,000 bounty or higher on their head. You do NOT enforce laws, that is an officers job. Vigilantes may not have their weapons out in main cities just like any other Civilian. If a APD member asks a vigilante to holster his/her weapon, he/she must correspond with appropriate actions to avoid prosecution. Vigilantes should never interfere with what an APD member is doing. If APD ask for assistance that is fine but do not run into an area yelling "I'm a vigilante" and attempt to arrest someone the officer is dealing with. If you are escorting a player with a bounty and an officer asks you to stop, you need to stop and explain what you are doing. Officers can NOT take the wanted player away and attempt to ticket or send the player to jail if you have captured the wanted player(s) in the appropriate manner. If you are wanted the APD may process you and if you refuse to pay your ticket the APD may then process all wanted players accordingly. If you restrain a wanted player you are required to; Let the player know what they are wanted for. Let the player know their bounty amount. Let the player know you will be sending them to jail. Take the player to the jail transport. Chapter 10: Declaring Terror on Areas Chapter 11: New Life Rule Spoiler If killed by another player for any reason you may not return to that area for 15 minutes. (1.5 Kilometers from where you died) APD may return to legal areas after death as they see fit. (This is to simulate the size of an actual police force) If APD die in an illegal area they are to return in waves. (Described more in detail in the APD Master Handbook) R&R must wait 15 minutes to return to an area if killed by not following directives. (Within reason, more details in R&R Master Handbook) Chapter 12: Interacting with Jailed players Spoiler Robbing, taking hostage or killing a jailed player is a banable offense. Players only may interact with jailed players only for the purpose of breaking them out. Glitching out of jail is banable. Chapter 13: Red / Illegal Zone / Rebel Outposts Spoiler Red zones are KOS, no RP is required by Civilians. Gas Stations are never redzones. APD may patrol red zones excluding Rebel outposts every 10 minutes For APD and Rebel Outposts refer to the APD Master Handbook. VDM/NLR/Ect are still enforced in red zones. Medics may only be killed inside an illegal zone if the following criteria is met, a Medic must be warned to leave the area through either an EMS text, Direct Chat, or Warning Shots before a Medic is killed. (Firing warning shots at a Medic may only be done inside illegal zones.) 5 seconds must be given to give the Medic enough time to leave the area. If the Medic abides by the warning and tries to leave the area then you cannot continue shooting at the Medic. Chapter 14: Explosive Items Spoiler Suicide vests may be used at any time following normal Roleplay rules. Misuse of suicide vests to kill restrained players or destroy vehicles for no reason may still result in administrative action. If these scenarios arise action will be taken entirely at staff discretion. "Allah Akbar" or variants are NOT considered valid RP. Suicide Vests can be used without RP in redzones/terrors. When using a titan a text must first be sent stating your demands, if demands are not met (within reason) you may fire on the air unit with said titan. Titans may be used without texts in illegal areas. Titans may also be fired at ground vehicles and other players if the above rule has been followed. Misuse of Titan launchers to kill restrained players or destroy vehicles for no reason may still result in administrative action. If these scenarios arise action will be taken entirely at staff discretion. Randomly placing slam mines or explosive charges around with no RP causing death or destruction is considered RDM. Chapter 15: Martial Law Spoiler Martial Law can be called by the admins or at the request of a Senior APD member. Martial Law may be called if a city is out of control and officers can not regain control of it. During Martial Law any Civilian seen in the city can be downed and restrained on sight. RP is still required by all Civilians during Martial Law. When order has been restored an announcement will be sent stating its over. If you do not wish to be downed & arrested during this time, it is best to stay in doors or leave the city. Chapter 16: Meta-Gaming Spoiler You may not use information from one faction to switch over to a new faction and deal with the situation. If caught Ghosting servers it will be considered Meta-Gaming. This means you may not die on one server, swap to another, gear up, head back to the location on the last server then re-log to the previous server to re-engage the same players. If you wish to re-engage then do it properly from within the same server. Do not post information about player locations in side chat. Chapter 17: Jail/Fed Rules Spoiler Federal Reserve The Fed reserve is considered a legal area until it is being robbed, once a robbery begins the Fed then turns into a red zone. (Location is shown on map) Any vehicles left at the Fed after the robbery is over may be seized by the APD. Any vehicles which were involved in the Fed robbery and have been followed out of the Fed may be seized if/when caught. This means APD must have had a constant view of the fleeing vehicle(s) from the Fed to the seizure spot. All other server rules still apply such as APD Wave rules, NLR, ect. Jail While the jail is not being broke into it is considered a legal area (Location is shown on map) Once a break-out begins the jail becomes an illegal zone. NLR rules apply to the jail zone. Vigilantes and APD can repair the jail doors. Killing jail inmates is still against the rules unless APD is forced to load lethal rounds. If the jail doors are broken and a player is being processed then the processor must go to the jail to make the proper repairs so they can place the wanted player into the jail. This means the 15 minute APD processing rule does not start until the repair is done. The jailer must go directly to the jail to make the repairs and may not stray off to do other things. APD and Vigilantes can use the jail transport to send players to jail if the doors are not broken. If less then 5 APD members are online during a jail break then APD are NOT required to follow the wave rules as outlined in the APD Master Handbook. APD must still follow the lethal rules before using them. Once 5 or more APD members are online they must then abide by the wave rule once again. Jail Breakouts Any vehicle left at the jail after the situation is neutralized may be seized. Any vehicles which were involved in the Jail Breakout and have been followed out of the Jail may be seized if/when caught This means APD must have had a constant view of the fleeing vehicle(s) from the Jail to the seizure spot APD can attempt to repair the doors while the breakout is active. Jailing w/out ticket If an APD member witnesses a player blatantly breaking server rules they may send that player directly to jail. If unsure as if a rule was broken or it is a small infraction then process as normal. If the APD member sends someone directly to jail and they should not have, they can get in trouble from the admins. If a conversation starts with a player stating something like "I'm recording, you're getting banned" you may be sent directly to jail. You may do it in RP fashion only such as "My Go Pro" is capturing all this exciting action". You must be a Patrol Officer or higher to do this. Chapter 18: Miscellaneous Spoiler The below rules/guideline are things that do not fit into other areas but still need to be followed. If you force drink RedGulls while restrain'd to force a loss of stats and death it will be considered fail RP. Basically you will not die while restrain'd due to stats unless another player actually kills you so if you die it is because you forced it. You may not loot or mess with any crate you do not own unless you have permission from the owner to do so. Using the scroll-wheel or inventory option on a dead APD member or Civilian to attempt to get their weapon is not allowed. You may not drive a vehicle into the water to prevent it from being stolen, searched, ect Extreme harassment may result in a ban. Switching to a different account after getting banned with your main account may result in both accounts being banned and for longer. If a player goes to the extent of using a game mechanic to prevent other players from playing the game, this can be considered as massive trolling. Anyone found to be doing nothing but trolling on the server in a severe manner may receive a ban. The RP window is 5 minutes so abide by this in regards to situations such as shooting, logging out, storing vehicles, ect. Killing someone in restraints is generally considered Fail RP unless inside of a red zone. You cannot restrain someone outside of a redzone and then bring them into a redzone just to kill them. This is also FailRP. Chapter 19: Community Team Spoiler For information regarding the Community Team refer to the Community Team Handbook. Chapter 20: Taxi Drivers Spoiler Taxi Driver vehicles are not to be stolen This is not effective while inside a red/illegal zone If you or a passenger attempt to engage in a hostile manner towards another player then the Taxi is no longer immune to being stolen. This simply means if you are flying someone around and they attempt to engage and kill/rob/hostage take another player your vehicle can then be stolen. If you are defending yourself from someone who has engaged on you first then it can not be stolen. Taxi drivers may be robbed of anything they have on their person or inside their vehicle. If instructed to unlock a vehicle, unlock it so the person may take any goods out of it but the vehicle can still not be stolen. If you refuse to unlock it for the purpose of letting a player steal the items then your vehicle may be picked and stolen. While "On-Duty" Taxi drivers may not partake in hostage taking or robbing others This also means you can not get someone and take them to another group to become a hostage willingly. If while driving someone, a group states to pull over so they can take the person hostage, you may abide by the demands to preserve your own life. You must inform the passenger why you are pulling over. Taxi drivers may issue a fee for driving a player from Point A to Point B The driver can receive this money before the drive if they wish but the price & place must be agreed upon first Once paid the Taxi driver must take the person to the agreed upon place. Taxi drivers are not to issue any fess unless they are giving a ride to a person and a fee amount has been agreed upon first.. On-Duty is effective when a person is using a Taxi Skinned vehicle. Chapter 21: Workers Protection License Spoiler Workers Protection License (WPL) holders are no exception to the law. They must also follow the server rules regarding RDM, VDM etc. License holders with a WPL are unable to harvest illegal items as the WPL is meant for those engaged in legal enterprises. License holders arrested within illegals zones are subject to search and seizure, as well as forfeiture of their right to being issued an APD ticket.. Exception: Those who are held hostage may not be charged. Hostages must be restrained at all times to prevent abuse. License holders who are detained and are found to be wanted for any charge(s) other than a self-defense manslaughter are subject to search and seizure, as well as forfeiture of their right to being issued an APD ticket. License holders are authorized to legally carry and utilize a TRG20 5.56 rifle and ACP-C2 0.45 handgun. Those in possession of a TRG20 or ACP-C2 are subject to license checks by any APD officer. License holders are required to provide identification to any APD officer upon request. Failure to comply provides probable cause for an officer to conduct a search of the license holders' person.