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  1. Jesse
    Latest Entry

    By Jesse,

    • Police RHIB & Scooter now have Lights & Sirens
    • Medical Call Menu Changes
      • Possible fix for RnR Dispatch allowing them to cancel a call status.
      • Possible fix so that disconnected players don't appear on map if they requested a medic
    • Can only consume 1 redgull/coffee every 10 seconds. Prevents consuming all at once
    • Added Gang Bank Ledger to ATM Menu
      • Will display the last 20 deposits/withdrawals/shed upgrades
      • Will only start recording from now -> forward, no previous transactions are available
    • Updated staff members on intro and content menu
    • Added News Team
    • Can now pickup items inside sheds without getting purchase menu, etc.
    • Added new Cartels
    • Added new Athira Hq and Blackwater outpost
    • 3 to 1 System to restrain cops
      • Need 3 players with primary weapons out
      • Need 3 players within a radius around the officer to allow restraining
      • All 3 players must have line of sight on the downed officer
    • Donation goal for 10% off vehicles added for 31 days. It will end automatically after 31 days. No update will be required.
    • Rangefinders added to shops
    • Custom death messages now replace the Bohemia one, you can get the following:
      • player has died. (self inflicted/vehicle related deaths)
      • player has died due to lack of medical attention. (epi-pen death)
      • player has died of malnutrition. (Lack of food/water)
      • player was killed by officer "officers name". (Death by lethals)
      • player was killed by player. (Death by other players)
      • player is no more. (Clicked the esc menu respawn button)
    • CSAT Ghillie added to Admin Clothing Shop for compensation purposes.
    • New medic rank added
    • Medic Taru Added
    • Medic Hellcat & Jeep removed
    • Hilary & Trump T-Shirts removed
    • Admin Huron removed
    • Civilians can enter BW vehicles, cops can't.
    • Map Changes
      • New Athira APD HQ
      • New Athira Rebel
      • New Pygros Rebel
      • New Pygros Cartel
      • New Athira Cartel
      • Additional News Station
    • New Civilian Zamak Skins

    Known Issues:
    Position Sync issues with News Team when switching back to civilian.