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From the Owner's Desk

Hello Olympians!   So I want to make this a monthly thing, where the community can pick the brain of the owner, and ask reasonable questions. I want to be as transparent as possible with you guys, since at the end of the day this is your community. Many people have asked what my plans are for the community, so I wanted to take a moment to detail my priorities.    Some of the things that I want to take a look at are as follows :  Revamping the Civilian Representative role (2 reps at a staff meeting is fine, but possible a Civilian Counsel, like more members to have meaningful discussions about server balances) Adding more perks to donations (more things that are not necessarily just for the civilian role. Perks for you Windows Key Warriors and APD Lifers  ) Server performance and stability Staff training and benefit restructure Balance. Balance. Balance.  Revamping our rule set, and make it easier for newer players to understand Also reducing the amount of changes that are made to the rules based on a small window of situations Basically, fuck big long rules, I want this to be a common sense type thing Working on the Olympus League - a competition setting for more games outside of Arma 3 More consistent Large-Scale events like Gang Wars (Event Team anyone?) and finally Community Outreach Many of you might have great ideas for the server and the community, but your opinions might be swallowed up by others in the community because of their rank. I don't care if you are a LT in the APD, or someone who isn't white-listed for a role. If you have a good idea, I think you should be heard. I want to focus on ways to give the "little guy" a chance to have their voice heard.    I know Ownership transitions can be scary, and many of you are worried about the future of Olympus. I want to alleviate your worries : I have been a part of Olympus since October of 2014, I won't let anything happen to our community. I am a player first, owner second. I want this to succeed just as much as you do, and I will do whatever it takes to make Olympus the best Gaming Community out there. I love all you idiots, and want this to be an adventure for all of us. 

Peter Long

Peter Long


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