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Civ Council Round Table 1/6/19



Hey everyone, This is our Second post for the council.  Hopefully, some cool stuff people will like!  As always message me or any of the Council Members. 

All the things in this post have been approved  :bender-dance:

Cartels - @Linka @Zurph @Silton

  • War Point Garage POG! - More details in the futre
  • No NLR at every Cartel - look for rule change first
  • Adding P90 mags to warpoint shop
  • Adding back big tower to Mushrom cap

Feds- @SPBojo @HyperGoat @Dawn @Colt

  • Gold Bars weight from 10 to 8


Scats: @Mr Majestic @Unjo  @Tyrone


Runs: @Cats @Bloodmoon @indian @NokiaStrong


Vigis: @Robinhood  @Tyrone @Grego


I have one spot open for Vigi and Scats if anyone is interested please refer to my App post for info!

If you have any ideas for any section of the Civ Faction Message anyone that is @'d in the top


Recommended Comments

The reason there is not a lot of things added here are simply because this was a short and sweet meeting. More changes are hopefully coming in the future so keep a open mind and keep suggesting things to your civilian representatives! Couldn't do this without you all! :) 

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We’re all working on plenty of changes, we just need some time to work with staff please be patient.

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Warpoint garage +1


Tower at mushroom cap +1

A potential idea is to add a quilin/prowler (depends on which the community thinks is fairer) to the warpoint shop but add a restricting limit of only 1 to each players garage. (Make it unclaimable at chop shop, if a player already has one in his/her garage)

(this will add quilins/prowlers back to cartel fights without causing 100 to be spawned on cap)

(make them cheap to chop and sell so people don’t have incentive to sell other players warpoints)


potential alternative: the only way to have more than one prowler/quilin to a players garage is to make it claimable from blackwater.

Edited by Wesly ツ

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