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What’s poppin



Well shit... a little over a year ago who would of thought I went from submitting 5 staff apps just to barely get mod, to running this piece today. I’m gonna start this off by saying I appreciate all the support and feedback we have been getting lately, it’s really amazing to see how much this ownership change has effected Olympus as a whole. 


Now for the good stuff...

Ive decided to continue @Peter Long‘s thread, where he basically kept you updated outside the server change logs. You proud of me yet dad?

So first things first let’s all thank @TheCmdrRex for being the hard carry on the dev team these last few months. He’s been keeping this shit going, and will continue to do exactly that but with some help now since we brought back my boy @ikiled and made the CS:GO bot @Fusah be semi active again ;). I have high hopes for the future of the dev team and what they will be bringing to Olympus.


Not only did we bring back two devs, we also brought back a work horse of a designer @Mako who has been working HARD with Rex on getting out that new Contact DLC content ready for when it’s released. He’s spent days testing, organizing and preparing us with weapons, prices and even some shop changes. This hot fix update is so big that we actually had to make a separate post to fit everything in it. 

APD Coup @ChrisGG:Kappa:

Gonna just say o7 @Pledge, thanks for serving the APD and passing down the reigns to focus more on development and staff side of things. Can’t wait to see what you do ;) 


Gang Wars?

Yeah we’re definitely doing a gang wars. Already got people working on it, and possibly @Peter Long hosting it. 



We will be continuing the FiveM server development and are hoping to start an open beta within the next week, so yeah get your hard rp socks on boys. 


We got a lot of good stuff planned for Olympus, and are now in full gear. We are going to be adding some more perks and stuff to Donors soon, will keep you guys posted as time goes by ;) 

Once again thank you guys for all the support!

Also @Xeltini is awful at this game. That is all. 

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8 hours ago, DeadPool said:

eta on getting the gang wars file?


1 hour ago, Orgondo said:

Goodluck with that 

Already got it :P 

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3 hours ago, B r a l l s said:

@Ryan So you like ikiled?! I got some info that will make you not like him. Mission blackmail ikiled for trying to ruin Olympus behind the scenes. Thanks for the cooperation ikiled


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