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Civ Roundtable 2019-08-17



Civ Roundtable


  • Make vehicle ammo refill ifrit and strider smoke - APPROVED


  • Title for 15k kills, and titan titles for successful hits (10, 100, 250, 500) - APPROVED
  • Improve camera for viewing clothing. In rebels, the camera often bugs and doesn't allow you to see the clothing you choose - APPROVED
  • Clarify combat storing for APD. Currently, the APD handbook seems to indicate that you can impound your vehicle once the situation is called clear, which isn't always 5 minutes (as stated by server rules). No player should be "storing" a vehicle after only waiting two minutes - DENIED, record and report instead of adding more specific rules. 


  • Remove 10-minute cooldown before being able to break out of jail (not bail). It doesn't make sense that you can't walk out the front door just because you were just sent or just logged in - ON HOLD for dev approval
  • Unlock salt flats garages during active Blackwaters - APPROVED
  • Change message for titans to "<target> was titaned by <player>" instead of "<player> fired a titan at <target>" to be consistent with other kill/death messages (the target is always on the left side) - APPROVED


  • Increase max lottery tickets to 10 instead of 5, if people want to gamble more money, let them. The server eats a percentage anyway - APPROVED
  • Let players list items and vehicles in blackmarket - DENIED, requires too much dev work for now and there are potential performance hits


  • Remove promet from PO - APPROVED
  • Revert the Ghosthawk any means rule: "If an APD Ghosthawk is stolen, the APD may use Any Means Necessary to recover it" back to "If a Ghosthawk is stolen, and its operators utilize the guns on the APD or the civilian population, the APD is authorized to use any means necessary to destroy the stolen Ghosthawk (excluding breaking Server Rules)." This rule made a hard to steal vehicle near impossible - DENIED, stealing a cop ghosthawk should be very very difficult


APD Roundtable

  • Downed players shouldn’t contribute to 3-1 count when tased - APPROVED, bug
  • Undercover cops… - ON HOLD until ruleset and features are fleshed out


You can find the public roster for the @Civilian Council here

If you're interested in applying for the Civilian Council, you can find information here: 



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