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Roundtable summary 2019-11-11

i win



  • Make the dope shot revive the player instead of just allowing an epipen to be administered. You can also apply the dope shot to yourself after being revived by an epipen.
  • Add colored hexes for gangs and groups.
  • Add most war kills title "God of War"
  • Actually have a gang wars, date TBD.


  • Redesign some processors to match the current quality of Moonshine Brewery without moving anything significantly.
  • When APD bolt cut into a house it should announce they are doing so, as if they were using the windows key menu. This prevents sneaky APD members from gaining entry to your house without you knowing.
  • Stolen APD backpacks should stay invisible when you pick them up.
  • The return of drug dealer interrogation. If you have sold drugs recently and a member of the APD interrogates the NPC, they will be presented with a list of players and a Drug Trafficing (15k, gives probable cause) charge will automatically be applied to those individuals.


  • Virtual items are included when using the save loadout feature.
  • Track the number of players being sent to jail at the actual jail.
  • Add Promet SG mags (buckshot 2wp, slugs 4wp) to the warpoint shop.
  • Remove short barrel P90 from the warpoint shop and add the long barrel variant instead (7wp).
  • Add 5.7 suppressor to the warpoint shop (30wp).
  • Add .45 ACP suppressor to the warpoint shop (5wp).
  • Plane delivery missions cost 60k to start (was previously 75k).
  • RPK price increased to 160k, but add the ability to buy 75-round drum mags for 15k.


  • Add "Rebel Camper" title for 250 arrests.
  • Vigilantes can group up and split bounties equally between 3 players (was previously 2 players).
  • Add an Orca skin exclusive to vigilantes.
  • Raise the number of arrests needed for T1 to T4. For example, T1 at 0 arrests, T2 at 25 arrests, T3 at 50 arrests, T4 at 100, and T5 at 200. T2 payout to increase to 45% of the bounty.


  • Swap the pharma and bank locations. This makes sense from a roleplay perspective and should hopefully allow for a better overall layout and design for the new bank.
  • Improvements to logging items and vehicles from BW and federal events.

APD Roundtable

  • Allow the dopamine chance on being epi'd to be applied to APD members.
  • Create a most lethal title for cop.
  • Decrease the pardon title from 500 to 250.
  • Make vandalized APD hatchbacks seizable (not a guns hot vehicle for ghosthawks).
  • Add "possession of illegal equipment charge" or change pos. of illegal weapon to cover CSAT/other illegal equipment
  • Remove or drastically reduce Medic Armor.

R&R Roundtable

  • When civilians request denial through their death screen make it another color.
  • Add regular hellcat for coordinators.
  • Add bandannas to supervisor+ shop.


  • Add confirmation box to the "request denial" button.
  • Add a civilian council Hatchback skin. We're looking for applications still, information on how to apply here:

You can find the public roster for the @Civilian Council here.

Note: Some items listed are duplicates from the last civilian council blog post due to a postponed staff meeting.


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