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Roundtable summary 2020-03-15

i win


Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement.


  • Conquest tweaks @swervy / @Mr Majestic
    • No medics in conquest.
    • Vigi tasers are lethal.
    • Two rebels per zone, helps fix the bottleneck there and at the closest capture point.
    • Lock the closest chop shop during the conquest event.
    • Reduce the respawn timer at conquest rebels
  • Vehicles not occupied a few minutes after the end of a conquest event automatically despawn @Mr Majestic


  • Repairing a vehicle always fully repairs it if you have a tool kit, you can use the service stations to repair vehicles you do not own @Bloodmoon


  • Running around to gather materials and ingredients @Mr Majestic
    • 10% faster picking if you're running around
  • Standard DP missions buffed by 20% @Mr Majestic


  • Add filters to the Wanted List @Bignegus
    • Allow the sorting of the wanted list by bounty amount, alphabetically as it is now and possibly adding a search function.
  • Add more Vigilante Titles for total number of arrests, proposals below. @Soap del Mar
    • 300 - Vigi Scum
    • 400 - Secret Service
    • 500 - Black, Red, and Sweaty
    • 600 - Boba Fett
    • 750 - Still not a Cop

APD Roundtable

  • Remove the cooldown on armed plane teargas smoke; can now drop all 6 smoke at a time
  • Lethals only inside the Conquest event when chasing someone in
  • Add Gold, Chrome and Gloss finish to APD skins for undercover/bait vehicles
  • 10 minute timer before being able to start a Bank after a Federal event finishes
  • Notifications for lights on/off, same as sirens

R&R Roundtable

  • Half money for Adv paramedic windows key impound @Childish

Staff Roundtable

  • Add MXc to rebel outpost for $50k @Cyanide
  • Reduce TRG21 and MK20c price to $40k
  • Remove Mk-18s from cops @destruct / @PURE P.K
  • Medics can receive warning shots in helis outside of redzones - may be revisited in the future if this is being abused @Mako


You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:


Recommended Comments

2 hours ago, TheHeroNoob said:

💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤 boooooo

If it's bad, we'll look at it again for sure. You still have the ability to disregard the shots and revive anyway, but you understand the risks when doing so. 

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