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Roundtable Summary 2020-09-13





  • Make it so when you are processing and cancel it whether its running away or hitting tab, and you start to process again you start from the percentage you left off at rather than restarting at 0%. @Millennium


  • Make processing heroin the same speed as cocaine and moonshine @SuWooP


  • Progress bar that takes 30 seconds to stop pharma @GG Mk1

APD Roundtable


  • SAPD triggered escort event
    • Costs money to start the event
    • Civs can ;ejoin to turn their names red to cops and make cops participating in this KOS
    • A>B, A>C, variations of starting and ending locations
    • Minor BW Gear, SAPD gear, Drugs/Profit items inside vehicle
    • Spawns an Armored/Armed vehicle for APD to utilize that can be chopped/claimed by Civs


  • Flashbangs remove nameplates for duration
  • APD may transport themselves through Airdrop events
    • May not engage if fired upon
    • Issues of current airdrop zones cutting off portions of the map


  • Remove warzone drug dealer

Staff RoundTable


  • Tool kits as a y-inventory item for $1k, 10 inventory space
  • Ability to pull air vehicles from cartel garages
  • Paintball Arena with wagers


  • Increase WPL legal runs buff from 15% to 25%
  • Give APD Deputies access to the ARCO and RCO
  • Earplugs value can be adjusted
    • Add slider in settings menu to change values of earplugs
  • Remove 10 minute timer for Jail before being able to be broken out/released by APD

You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:



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