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Altis Life Update - 2020-12-1 - Christmas Content Update




  • Conquest Gang Funds
    • Additional money will be placed into the top 3 gangs' gang funds upon the end of a conquest.
    • 1st place: $1,000,000
    • 2nd place: $500,000
    • 3rd place: $250,000
  • Texture Additions
  • Accessibility ramps around the map for certain community members Some accessibility ramps around the map have unfortunately been delayed due to health concerns for certain community members 🙂 
  • Pharma sell stats
  • Gangshed near north airfield
  • Toolkit as a Y inventory item


  • House tax no longer factors upgrades into cost of house.
    • Eg: A fully upgraded 4 crater's tax rate now based off of $2,200,200 instead of $4,320,000
  • Now able to pick contraband at all times while in jail
  • Minimum amount of contraband picked up increased to 2 from 1
  • "Terminate Escort" scroll-wheel now has a 30 second progress bar
  • Updated intro credits


  • Lethal payout calculation
  • Issues with selling/claiming Blackwater/Escort vehicles
  • Various bugs


  • Texture Removals
    • Lumberjack Uniform
    • US Army Tempest
    • Altis Racer Hatchback
    • Louis Vuitton Ifrit

Hotfix #1

  • Christmas Hex Icons! - post soon
  • Increased default vehicle despawn distance
  • Lollypop is now a Candy Cane!!!!!!!!1111!!
  • Binoculars to get names work again
  • Some keys not being able to be used under certain conditions
  • Gathering turtles more accurate
  • Fixed excavation bug
  • Fixed casino betting exploit
  • Fixed conquest god-mode bugs
  • Fixed Senior who started APD escort not getting their money back
  • Fixed Cop hex icons
  • Fixed lethal text giving own name instead of person who lethaled
  • Fixed lethal injector is now seizable
  • Fixed bug with earplug sliders being switched
  • Fixed headless client showing up on various lists
  • Fixed medics not being able deny some people
  • Fixed various other bugs
  • Houses actually mark as paid when being paid for, players are notified when they login to prevent a similar occurrence in 14d
  • Performance enhancements
  • 3 more gang textures

All houses are rolled back to yesterday (2020-12-08), if you lost anything, make a comp ticket. If you don't have evidence, that's fine, admins have a list to reference.


As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.


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