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Altis Life Update - 2021-10-17 - October Content Update





  • SWAT no longer have respawn timers during Conquest
    • SWAT must still follow wave rule outlined in the APD Handbook
  • Brief cases inside of Conquest zones now despawn at a faster rate
    • From 15 to 2 minutes
  • Reobtained RnR Director suit from @ Slumberjackand transferred to @ Lime (Thank you for all your service to RnR @ Slumberjackand welcome @ Limeas new RnR director) 
  • Updated Staff Intro to reflect recent promotions (@ ZeRo @ Maddox )
  • Storing physical items in a house that you have currently equipped will take them from your inventory before taking equipped gear
  • Adjusted RnR and APD dispatch messages
  • "Get in Passenger" action for APD and RnR now prioritizes bench seats over cargo seats
  • Adjusted APD vehicle lights to be more bearable during the night time
  • Nametags back in smoke
    • They have a different opacity so they are alot harder to see then normal nametags
  • Texture Adjustments
  • Map Adjustments


  • Iron Maner's gang uniform
  • Dopamine crate hint cutoff for ranks that cannot spawn them
  • Formatting of Pharmaceutical Escort messages
  • Art Gallery's robbery timer overlapping with other robberies
  • Fixed issue with the side chat message that occurs when seizing a vehicle
  • Issues with Tazers not being added to the warpoints calculator and other weapons 
  • Player names in the gang menu not updating when they change their name
  • Bank Hazmat being cheaper then other hazmats
  • Fixed purchasing of gang sheds
  • Fixed selling of gang sheds
  • Fixed gang sheds not being initialized if someone owns a scuffed shed
  • Fixed cartel capture breaking if dying at a specific time
  • Fixed script error with armed planes in mod shops
  • Fixed JSRS sound mod kicking players
  • Fixed cartel marker getting stuck in "contested" state when players log out on cap
  • Fixed black market marker getting stuck in "contested" state when players log out while capping
  • Fixed group voice chat being disabled
  • Fixed houses near piers being wrongly spawned in at server start 
  • Fixed issue where gangshed physical inventory would be saved if sold and bought during the same restart
  • Fixed issue where dope shot timer would not start if dope shot is used on self 
  • Fixed 2nd dome not properly closing on server start
  • Fixed the damage handler for Hurons, Mohawks, and Xians


  • Texture Removals
    • Scarface suit
    • Noble Reborn gang uniform
    • Teamplayers gang wetsuit


As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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Recommended Comments

33 minutes ago, Zurph said:

Still coming out with updates full of cop shit and no civ stuff. Server is truly ran by the APD.

The civs have to bring things up for change for them to get things in the update 

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6 hours ago, Rossco said:

The civs have to bring things up for change for them to get things in the update 

Then the Devs have to make the changes to put them on the change log. Nice try but

Doesn't help that the lead civ council deletes idea he doesn't like. 

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