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Altis Life Hotfix - 2021-10-21




  • Cruise Control
    • Hotkey'd to "B"
    • Once activated will take the current speed and continue to cruise at the set speed until brakes are applied or another speed has been set
  • Lockpicking/Slim Jim is now able to be bound
    • Custom Action 5
  • Patrol Officer Arsenal Additions
    • CMR - $75,000
    • MXC - $55,000
    • Bipods - $10,000
  • Phraggers Gang Uniform
  • 100% Honest Farmers Gang Uniform
  • Dabob Hatchback (Thank Millennium)
  • Increased all run values by 15%
  • 4 New SUV Skins
    • Olive, Blue, White, Sand
  • Gold Gang Ifrit
  • Staff KOS
    • All Administrative staff now have red names and are KOS


  • Updated staff introduction (Congratulations @ Noble  @ hawk )
  • All S2 Conquests have been transferred to S3


  • Floating objects in the Federal Reserve
  • Undercover Skeleton Uniform not appearing
  • Coastguard Orca & Hummingbird color correction
    • Coastguard Orca readded to $100 donors
  • Pimp Suit & Dad Swag O+ textures displaying wrong name if not an Olympus+ Subscriber
  • APD/RNR Lights
  • Teamplayer's Gang Uniform readded
  • Nitro Gang Uniform readded
  • Gang Sheds not able to have physical storage upgraded if the virtual was maxed out
  • Readded Controls page
  • APD Enter as Passenger not putting players on the bench seats of helicopters
  • Charges being added incorrectly
  • Spawning naked if you only owned a Tracksuit gang uniform
  • While a timer was active using the Binoculars to acquire a players name flickered


  • Markers around explosives
    • No faction/group can see explosives marked anymore
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