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Conquest Changelog - 2022-02-09




  • Experimental tweaks to potentially mitigate network lag at the beginning of conquest - please consider manually downloading the mission file too
  • Functionality for admins to change max points (for r3s)
  • Some gang textures
  • Vehicle engines turn off when dismounting
  • Anti-explosion script for vehicles: vehicles with drivers should no longer explode to non projectile damage


  • Updated texture rotation from live server
  • Group cap cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 1
  • Vehicle despawn script changes
    • Virtual items inside a vehicle no longer prevents despawn (looking at you .50 abusers >_>)
    • Decreased cooldown to 45s from 1m (practical despawn time 2m->1:30 if nobody touches the vehicle or is near it)
    • Decreased range from 10m to 8m
    • Note: vehicles were staying alive significantly longer than expected and causing lag; remember that you can always mark an active vehicle to prevent despawn
  • Can now remove items from inventory while in vehicles
  • Can now pull vehicles from both SWAT and Civ NPCs
  • RPG pricing
    • Tube increased to 150 wp
    • Rocket price increased to 15 wp
  • Map
    • Altis
      • Added 4th flag to Syrta (4k point cap)
      • Added 4th flag to Panigia (4k point cap)
      • Depending on how these play, other 3 caps might be upgraded to 4/5s
    • Winter Chernarus
      • Service stations has a repair crane next to them so you are able to see where they are
      • Additional rebel added to "Balota Blitz"
    • Takistan
      • "Feruz Firefight" reworked zone
      • "Hell's Highway" reworked zone
      • "Manara Airfield" reworked zone
      • Fixed service stations
    • Sarahni
      • Changed Bravo south shore church so you can run in instead of getting caught floating trying to jump
    • Kujari
      • Fixed some vehicles not spawning in the right place when pulling from flag
      • Kujari safe redeploy sign to rebels
      • Afofo has additional rebel pulls
      • Removed knockable walls close to caps (150M from center point)
      • Moved top rebel for Marwey Airfield closer to points on the left hand side
    • Malden
      •  Moved "Chapoi's" southern rebel closer to points
    • Stratis
      • Fixed floating crate on factory point


  • Not being able to drop illegal items near SWAT
  • Despawn script taking too long when deleting many vehicles (obvious on more populated conquests)



  • Some gang textures
  • Role/server switch cooldowns
  • Senior staff shop discounts


Please consider downloading the mission files from the google drive manually.

You can find instructions on the wiki: https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/wiki/Conquest#Conquest_Mission_Download_Instructions


If you find any issues please submit a bug report under the support section.

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