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Roundtable Summary 2022-05-16




  • Revert back to Rain Weather System @ anti
    • Remove Fog Weather System.
  • Re-skin of Monthly Conquest Wetsuit @ ArX

Reasoning: [1] Majority selected that the rain weather cycle should be brought back with the removal of fog. As seen through popular opinion and forums polls. [2] Conquest players would like a reskin of the monthly conquest wetsuit, since the current one has been the same for ages. 


  • Weekend Airdrop Event in Warzone @ Nephew
    • Would occur on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 9PM EST (after conquest ends).
    • 2 Airdrops on Server 1 that occur in Warzone.
      • Both spawn at same time.
      • Spawns at random points within warzone.
    • Airdrops would include 1 Vehicle Airdrop & 1 Gear Airdrop.
      • Gear would have a higher percentage of better gear including (Mar-10, Zafir, T5, etc.)
    • APD may wave in with a maximum of 8 members.
      • APD may have two waves.
      • APD may utilize 3 armored vehicles such as (Striders & Hunters).
    • Incentivizes Server 3 players to log on Server 1.
    • Best Fights for airdrop events occurred in Warzone before it was removed. 

Reasoning: Cartel players would like to bring back warzone airdrops with a new twist. With this event the goal is to increase s1 player population with a more appealing attempt to bring s3 players onto the main server for incentivized fights in warzone. Some details may differ in final implementation to make development easier. 


  • Add Confirmation/ Checkmark before storing vehicles that have Y-Inventory/ Gear in vehicle inventory @ SPBojo
  • Turtle Poaching Buff @ TapTap
    • Ability to collect/ poach turtles anywhere on map, in the water except within 1.5km of any Turtle Dealer.
      • Alternative if Denied: Increase % of Turtle Spawn signigantly in Turtle Poaching Red-Zones.

Reasoning: [1] Addition helps specifically newer players: goal is to prevent players from accidentally losing gear/ resources upon storage. [2] Buff was denied due to the lack of risk for turtle poaching, with would prove too overpowered for profit margins. Alternative is not easily possible to develop. 


  • Delivery Mission Nerf @ Fayrel
    • Change payout: so money is rewarded on hand, rather than straight to players bank account.
    • Would work like current Plane Delivery Mission System.
  • Add Gang Vehicles Garage to Olympus Stats Page Database @ TapTap
    • Would be located under players specific gang page.
    • Rank 2+ can view.

Reasoning: [1] Profit margins for delivery missions were the highest run on the server, delivery mission were nerfed slightly to increase risk. Change reflects current style of plane deliveries. [2] Added so gangs can see gang vehicles on stats page. 


  • Vigilante Shop Additions/ Price Changes @ Sir Rebral Palsy
    • Prowler added to Tier 4 Vigilante.
    • SparGL Smoke Grenade Price Reduction $10,000 -> $800-$1000
      • Reason: currently overpriced/ not used.
    • Add Multicam/ MTP Camo Fatigues to Vigilante Clothing Shop
      • If possible add most rebel "base clothing" items to Vigilante Clothing Shop, excluding ghillie suits.
    • Add Hunter to Tier 5 Vigilante
      • Can only be purchased with proposed "Renown" Points.
      • Price: 20 "Renown" Points + $400,000.
      • Locked to Vigilante Hunter Skin. 

Reasoning: [1] Prowler was added to tier 4 to give lower ranked vigilantes a more versatile vehicle that isn't as overpowered. [2] Price reduction was added for SPARGL since it's currently overpriced and underused. [3] Added more uniforms for vigi, to give more camo and a larger variety of clothing for vigilantes to choose from. [4] Postponed, until initial implementation of renown points before further expanding it. 


  • Rule Change regarding APD @ anti
    • Change so APD cannot seize weapons/ illegal gear until being processed at the APD HQ properly, or if detainee volunteers to be processed on site. 
    • Although rule change was denied: items seized will have a 15% of gear being placed in Evidence Locker.
  • Remove 30 Minute Timer on Dope Shots @ monster
    • Allows the use of dope shots to be used all the time.
      • Alternative if denied: Reduce Timer to 15 Minutes.
  • Rule Change regarding APD @ rabid
    • Remove rule regarding: inner ring guns Hot after bomb blows for BW GROUND VEHICLES ONLY (rule is highlighted)
    • https://imgur.com/fw52YU2
  • Rule Change regarding R&R @ rabid
    • Medics who choose to willingly enter an illegal area to answer a call cannot be killed unless they are properly engaged. However, all medics must READ AND UNDERSTAND the Exception as well as the Special Circumstances listed below:
    • Exception: Medic GROUND UNITS (ONLY) are Shoot Kill-On-Sight at Cartels, War Zone, Rebels, at active Federal Events (Jailbreak/Federal Reserve Robbery/Blackwater Robbery), Active Banks and Active Blue Zones. Air units must still be engaged or sufficiently warned. Land vehicles, amphibious vehicles, medics on foot, and pilots who decide to land at these locations are all considered ground units.
      • Reasoning: This will prevent APD from lethaling medics without two non-lethal attempts.
  • Buff Blackwater Loot Table @ monster
  • Buff Federal Reserve Gold @ monster
    • Minimum Gold Spawned: 200 -> 300
    • Maximum Gold Spawned: 400 -> 500
    • Reason: Incentivize gangs to do more federal reserve robberies, creating more consistent content on Server 1. 

Reasoning: [1] Rule change didn't deem necessary for change due to popular opinion, considered situational and usually gear is only seized during priority events/ situations. Although it was denied gear will now have a chance of being added to evidence locker loot pool when seized upon current restart. [2] Denied, due to making gear hard to lost and causing players to not utilize medics. Also make federal events signigantly less dynamic. [3] Agreement was made for ground vehicles at BW, due to the inability for gangs to properly get ground vehicles out of inner rings because of difficulty and current loss percentage of BW.  [4] Denied since it's players responsibility to keep medics alive for said events, and is deemed the players fault if medic is unproperly protected resulting in medics death. [5] BW loot tables will be reassessed, and some low-value gear available at rebel will be removed from loot table. Some good items will have increased % of spawn rates (titans, taser mk-1s, envgs, etc.) will run simulations to get a better sample size of the spawn rates to figure out restructure. [6] Federal Reserve statistics are in a pretty good place and increasing rewards will just lead to larger stacks. Does not need to be further  adjusted.



  • Recovery Tow Truck Jobs - Revisit from past roundtable 
    • Medic talks to Impound Yard NPC and requests a broken car recovery mission.
    • Responding rescue personnel recovers the vehicle and transports to the impound yard for impound cash.
    • Options for Small / Large Broken-Down-Car Jobs
      • Small missions spawn a SUV
      • Large Missions spawn a Qilin.
    • Vehicle spawns within 1 KM of the medic.
      • Can only do one at a time (No cluttering server objects).
    • Steps to prevent abuse:
      • Make them not lock-pickable to prevent abuse from pirates/looters.
      • The vehicle is disabled to prevent Medics from driving the car to impound yards.

Reasoning: Significant development lift for miniscule content for a small group of people; additionally, even if medics are dropping these to go to calls, having to drive a HEMETT 1km to get heli back is not ideal.

  • Perm tow hook
    • Only need to carry one & can use it as many times as you want
    • Price would need to be adjusted to be higher
    • Item barely gets used, and when it is, it can be highly inconvenient to have to buy another for such a menial task
  • Larger Backpack
    • Invisible Bergen already exists; allows medics to fully carry dive gear (suit, rebreather AND googles)  / extra equipment
  • Northern Hospital 
    • This Would help Jr. Medics (Basic & EMT) respond to northern requests quicker, when there are no ADV + Online
    • Establishes an additional nexus for the R&R to use in facilitating any duties in the vicinity
  • Add timestamp to map dispatch markers 
    • Allows medics to easily see timers for important messages sent through dispatches
      • I.e. Medic dispatch saying "Medic don't revive anyone here or die". A timer next to the dispatch icon on the map will let medics know exactly how close their 5 minute engagement time is to being over to re-approach the location.

Reasoning: [1] Perm tow hooks are to be cross faction & permanent y-item which doesn't get removed after use. [2] Allows for larger storage for all necessary RNR on the job equipment. [3] New hospital allows for easier access to northern part of the map, will help increase efficient revives within that sector of the map. [4] Allows medics to have easier access to timetables for situational initiations and events.


  • Denied color - if requested denial
    • If someone has requested denial then the denied color goes to red, would prefer to go to a different shade of orange to show that they are denied because they requested it
      • This would help show the reason why someone is denied, and help deter people revving people that have requested denial
  • Change Medic rank icons above medics heads to help differentiate between the ranks. 

Reasoning: [1] Allows for more efficient denials for players. [2] Helps players identify medic ranks, much like APD rank icons. 




  • $100k minimum lethal payout in WarZone.
    • The $100k would still be split between all APD Officers within the radius of the lethal. 

Reasoning: When lethaling in WarZone civs do not necessarily have high bounties (or have already been lethal'd) to cover cost of the death of an APD Officers in WarZone. $100k covers some money towards that death if a lethal is obtained. 

  • The ability to deploy smoke from the Strider driver seat. 

Reasoning: Not easily developable due to the way Arma works, also not hard to just switch seats in a Strider. 


  • 7.62 suppressor from uncommon to rare at the Evidence Locker. 

Reasoning: The 7.62 suppressor is supposed to be a rare item and with the current spawn rate it is fairly common to acquire at the Evidence Locker.

Drop the road kit from Corporal+ to Patrol Officer+. 

  • Rule Change:
    • Corporal+ Patrol Officer+ can utilize road kits.

Reasoning: Denied due to performance concerns by @ Fraali

  • Increase the minimum amount of cops for no wave at Jail from 5 to 7 &  for evidence locker 5 to 10 (at least until Jail and Evidence Locker are split). 
    • Rule Change:
      • If 5 7 or less officers are online during a Jailbreak, wave rule is not required.
      • If 5 10 or less officers are online during a Evidence Lockup, wave rule is not required.

Reasoning: As can be seen from the stats civs have been conducting a good amount of Jails with the intent of doing Evidence Lockers to obtain the gear. A majority of these have been won by the civ meaning a vast amount of gear has been obtained and is now in circulation. Obviously with the Jail being on an island it is difficult to push and this is reflected in the stats, this change will hopefully help with those stats. 


You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:



Recommended Comments


Reasoning: Cartel players would like to bring back warzone airdrops with a new twist. With this event the goal is to increase s1 player population with a more appealing attempt to bring s3 players onto the main server for incentivized fights in warzone. Some details may differ in final implementation to make development easier. 

So doing this on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9pm EST when s1 is already consistently max pop? 🤔 Want to add that I like the idea, but going to be difficult to increase an already max pop during that timeframe.

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  • Admin
On 5/18/2022 at 1:53 PM, hawkg said:

@ anti  Im very dissapointed with your civilian council contributions. You are civ council runs why are you premoting the revert to weather. And the apd rule change is obsolete. Very dissapointed you are representinng runs poorly. Do better.

If you think she’s doing so bad then why don’t you apply for civilian council yourself?

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