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Civ Rep Roundtable 11/11/2018



Hey everyone, short list today.  Hopefully some cool stuff people will like!  As always message me if you have any ideas!


Idea: RPG Added to Warpoint Shop for 60 WP's

Resolution: Approved

Idea: MXSW Price Increases to 200k for the gun and 4k for the Mags

Resolution: Approved

Idea: 5.56mm suppressor decreased to 30 wp and 5.8mm suppressor decreased to 35 wp 

Resolution: Approved

Idea: Revamped Terror System

Have to hack into radio tower

Sends server message that the tower has been broken in to, timer starts

Active redzone then(tower location), choose the city in which the terror starts in

Server takes over the texts and will use the person who start the event as the people who engage.  Prompt about the rules.

Resolution: Approved

Idea: Mar-10 added to WP Shop

Resolution: Denied

Idea: 6.5mm suppressor decreased to 40 WP

Denied: Denied

Idea: Dopamine Truck

Resolution: On Hold, working out the details on this.


Thanks again!



Recommended Comments

Just now, Joce said:

What vehicle is in mind for the dope truck? Hemmit box?

It would have to be the most obnoxious vehicle for it to be "fun fair and balanced" so probably a Hemmt Box or something like that.

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