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  1. any1 want to play warzone

  2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/ShoGames/
  3. a7120db77736a5c6c8b6f846078b38c8.pngf75cdce32a19902a8a31913cd1f1aeda.png

    1. Millennium


      Shit man. buy @sped this and Im sure he will wear it :Kappa:

    2. sped


      ill have the full chrisgg apparel 

      juul + shirt + slippers

  4. Yes, people are required to play weekly, but that doesn’t mean we can determine when they play. If people don’t want to log on to APD we can’t threaten them, it’s at their leisure. You treat the APD like it’s another gang, when in reality it’s designed as a secondary way to experience the server that is an entity of the server. Most people that join the APD are not career cops, they main civilian, and it’s not their priority. It was designed this was, and intends to stay this way. As well, unlike a gang that can pick and choose, the APD is open to most people if they meet our requirements. Hence, the APD is comprised of everyone willing to put in their times, and follow our guidelines. It is beyond our powers to force people to log on at certain times or to require people attend combat trainings. APD is not their main priority, they may want to be doing feds or other activities with their main priorities. Therefore, in an attempt to balance feds, asking the APD to “get more people” or to “do trainings” is unrealistic and uncharacteristic to how the APD is designed to work.
  5. The “stack more cops” argument is invalid. Unlike a gang where people can force their members to all play at the same time the APD isn’t afforded that power. We can’t make people play cop or login.
  6. Happy birthday @Zurph

  7. If we receive hacked money should we not spend money at all until it gets sorted out or just not spend ridiculous amounts? 

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    2. Nex is Retiring

      Nex is Retiring

      If the servers gonna get rolled back, have some fun with it and spend it all lmao.

    3. eggmasta


      @Nex is the name well if we can help it, they dont get rolled back, so unless you wanna catch a ban, id suggest you not spend it

    4. Mercury


      4 hours ago, Eggman said:

      @Nex is the name well if we can help it, they dont get rolled back, so unless you wanna catch a ban, id suggest you not spend it


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