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  1. I'm already not allowed to call people neighbors in side chat, don't take this away from me.
  2. The Matrix for me.
  3. WoW
  4. I like how you say this as if you gave any indication AT ALL that you were joking. In real life, if a cop gets shot there would be officers all over the fucking spot that it happened at. It's already unrealistic as it is that you can just shoot a cop and escape on your Fucking Helicopter to avoid capture. Not allowing cops the ability to break NLR would make it impossible for cops to ever get anything done, or be able to simulate the power of a real life Police Force.
  5. Since when have you been able to disable side chat? How have I not known about this??
  6. o
  7. Am I incorrect in saying that Jesse literally just got dev a few months ago? Why is he stepping down so soon?
  8. Don't know if this is a joke or not but yes, there is a campaign.
  9. Good fucking shit. Can medics indicate if they're on route for something such as a repair for a vehicle?
  10. I know, I'm talking about shift + tab, and I know I could just alt-tab out to get to Chrome, but I'd rather not go off-screen while in a red-zone to use my browser
  11. Please do, last run I did I alt tabbed out three times while trying to process and I didn't know why it kept starting over.
  12. So I poked around on my Uncle's phone and opened a new tab on Chrome, and the first suggestion on his predictive text was redtubelive.com. Help.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. CommanderSuki


      You are acting like a 10 year old girl who just found out what porn is that is weird.

    3. TheRandomOne


      Olympus news breaking report "People watch porn". Additionally we find out if water is actually wet.

      More news at 10.

    4. OlympusAccount


      @TheRandomOneWell, that is going to be just about as informative the news team will ever get. Just saying c;

      @CommanderSuki I know very well what it is, I just didn't correlate the idea with my 35 year old uncle though.

      Edited by OlympusAccount

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    2. Strafe


      You litterally showed yourself RDMing.

    3. Joel


      Wow Strafe I bet he had no idea?????

    4. OlympusAccount


      @StrafeO w0w i haD nO !dEa =00000000000

  14. Shut up fedot
  15. Idk, try it, see how it goes