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  1. Anyone got any idea what j could do for the next 14 days...R.I.P gang wars

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    2. UnT0uchab1e


      What did u do to get a vacation

    3. Angel


      lockpick glitch


    4. Jaeger Mannen

      Jaeger Mannen

      You could try reading the rules... Start thinking about how you can follow them when you play again... Just remember that if it feels exploit-ish... It probably is. 

  2. Marty is like one of the coolest ppl on the server... And one of the nicest
  3. Tisk Tisnk Tisk..might go join Huskers on Archetype
  4. so servers fucked up after the update..?
  5. i will be participating in this months gang wars, this will be my first gang wars ever!

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    2. Angel


      thomas ur absoulte fucking tash u "left" cuz everyone hates u, as well as u are in the shittiest gang on BOTH servers! I look forward to sticking my Mk18 UP YOUR FUCKING ASS. Enjoy getting 1 tapped in gang wars bitch. Oh wait, your leaders are to fucking pussy to make a roster.  @Thomas Blinder


    3. Thomas Blinder

      Thomas Blinder

      So you are saying Mk is the worst gang? Lol what about EOD COB and all? And last time I checked most the people on this server don't like you either, scamming piece of shit.

    4. Angel


      its your own fault that u let me steal 60$.. so stfu and yes mk is the worse gang if i  can 1v5 you guys pinned down behind a rock and ifirts driving around me, your gang is trash. So take your 250 pound fat fuck self back to Burger King and get off my profile

  6. Go back to asylum shitter xD jk
  7. I failed to see who has been premoted in the past few weeks and have just now seen so congratz to Mubundo and wtfguy and doc on getting sergeant..well deserved boys
  8. Spring break! Time to waste ( well not waste but idk another word ) another break playing arma with all you beautiful people! <3

  9. Where you been ? Come kill cops with me Sunday 

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    2. Angel


      Add meh on steam. It's Titties and I'm like the 3rd one down, pic is an angel that says angel gaming

    3. Talindor


      If ya had a boob pic of your forum avatar..........

    4. Angel


      Um it was at one point..

  10. @Talindor dirty cop confirmed. Look at large iligal guns and you should be arresting them
  11. 1. Most Dominate Gang : MC 2. Favorite Player : Checkyourfoodandwater 3. Favorite current APD Member : Mubundo african warlord 4. Favorite R&R Member : danger 5. Favorite former APD member : peter long 6. Favorite former R&R : dont got one 7. Kavala Troll King : Mr. Epic 8. Favorite time on the server : Being a cop 9. Funniest Moment :Crashing my heli 24/7 10. Something you want in the community : More RP 11. Favorite Quote : when ice shoots kaden in the head while hes proccesing meth " Whoops"

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