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  1. @Randyy hi sir big fan <3

    1. Randyy


      huge fan too pls sign mouse pad <3

  2. when are you going to let us buy broken-damaged garages,vehicles can spawn in front of them ???

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      As much as I enjoy arguing, I don't want to get moderated. And that's other servers, not ours.

    3. Snare


      .... @DANGUSDEAN if your argument is that it's unrealistic it doesn't make much sense in the first place considering that you can't fit a hemmit in those tiny garages anyway.

    4. AndrewFam


      I dont see why not lol

  3. Finally back i miss home and i miss arma :) btw i have some glitches to report will be reporting them when i download this new 64 bit :D

    1. William 'Daniel' Wallace
    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      hahaahahahaahah u got me De Snitch FuK gg

    3. Brennan


      Make sure 64 bit didn't fix anything before you report it.

  4. Gl to all the gangs will be watching have fun ya all
  5. @Hippo happy b-day my bud miss ya :)

  6. @Redmer bruh hook a brother up i need some laptop or pc imma come pick it up if its needed i wanna play... germany is booring work and sleep only... 

  7. Ayee nicee stuff 2 bad i cant play
  8. Watch out people new dank hacks are up for arma hahahahahahahaha

    Ekksssdeeee kappa


  9. Bye was nice knowing you
  10. Aye 2 days since i left for germany i heard soo much drama... money on olympus is soo easy to make i dont understand why dupe or buy it hacked... get a gang or play with friends and make ez mils like i did

    Miss ya all <3


    DONT mind me i need to stay tuned in :)

    1. Nikoteen



      Edited by Nikoteen
    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      I know 2 much dont worry i have all the info :)

  11. Bring s3 i quit my job gg xdd
  12. Cya friends a big shout out to @badaim @Fushigi @Ninjaman427 @Chaos @AppleSauce aka my boy Rico aka Jumpman for letting me join T long time ago :) Will miss you boys. Also @Fuzy @Snare @DeNiaL @Silton @Redmer @860homicidehartford @NiNo Brown @I Am Fuzzy @Hippo @William 'Daniel' Wallace @BdogO1 @platinumfire will miss you all :( all my other good friends that i haven't mentioned i will miss ya all :)

    Great Community keep up the good work. 

    Ps i am not perm ban moving to another country.

    Peace out De FuK


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    2. NiNo Brown

      NiNo Brown

      You will be be missed, Take care.

    3. badaim


      cya later good luck brother

    4. Snare


      Fams always fam.

      Will be missed and seeyaround!

  13. id plus 1 this be a legend
  14. why does my processing stop when i alt tab? why is that?
  15. :(:( moving will stop processing :(:(:(

  16. People who can't join the server right now it's arma's problem in general people cant join random servers like koth-altis life servers it's not onlympus problem

    Edited by De Fuk
    1. Unjo


      Just got onto the server, i verified game cache and then went into altis editor mode, now playing :)

    2. Bow


      Must be time for some hardstyle then

  17. Gang gangggg
  18. @Chaos happy b day my friend :D

    1. Chaos


      THank you very much d3

  19. we need to bring fatal back
  20. A simple nerf of csat would be enuf ofc if you only know how to..
  21. Hahaha path......
  22. you should focus on updating the server not the clothing its just a small part of the game, IF YOU GONNA REMOVE CSAT FROM SERVER REMOVE NLR FROM CARTELS