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  1. this doesnt make any sense
  2. if u enjoy being hot u belong in hell fam
  3. i need a damn fan sleeping in my bed feels like a jew losing his life in the holocaust
  4. everyone who said no obviously is the person u sit next too and move cuz ur air is invaded by there stank
  5. Happy bday @Mako carrying the design team on ur back

  6. Happy bday loser @KGB JOSH

  7. buckie


    Welcome to the community
  8. it really only benefits the higher ups searching. WE should spread it to the regular 150 meters
  9. @Zahzi is there anyway you could make it so if we just click on someone’s player ID on there profile that it will redirect you to there stats page

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    2. Zahzi


      Should do it now 😉 

    3. Unjo



    4. buckie


      @Headless if I don’t see a like on my post ur gonna catch the heat buddy 

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