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  1. buckie

    lmfao catch a bullet retard u are disliked i am buckie i am a GOD no one bans me except from teamspeak..Permanently
  2. buckie

    random retard
  3. buckie

    Fuck peter
  4. buckie

    yes sir i am
  5. buckie

  6. buckie

    i eat ur entire family then shit them out into your mouth and kill you by choking on my shit
  7. buckie

    you're a cannibal
  8. buckie

    your a fucking monkey
  9. buckie

  10. happy bday all the OG's

  11. buckie

    can update the handbook but u cant talk to me in ts
  12. buckie

    you area stupid monkey
  13. buckie

    dont even TALK TO ME RANDOM
  14. buckie

    60 seconds to tp if u can read?

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