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  1. buckie

    free the nigga jake. i remember when he got his first pubic hair i wanna be there when he dies too! free the boy
  2. @Proud


    Happy birthday retards

    1. Proud


      thanks bro <3

    2. Savage


      Thanks retard

  3. buckie

    ur a 14 year old retard who got permed for N L R you are legit the most retarded person i know
  4. buckie

    we needa ban you. quit asking for bets monkey
  5. buckie

    look in the mirror there is no GLASS U UGLASS
  6. buckie

    ur a retard
  7. buckie

    5 dollars
  8. buckie

    take ur fucking knee pads off
  9. Happy b-day my friend <3

    1. buckie


      thank you my friend much love

  10. buckie

    damn these people i havent seen for years
  11. buckie

    @poof| i hate all apd ur actually a retard if u wanna talk kills and shit atleast have a better K/D on ur banner then the people u are talking too, unfortunately you dont even have a postive KD or a KD higher than monster
  12. the guy below is fat

  13. buckie

    this guy is so bad he legit said SCI was the best gang on the server HA

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