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  1. @ Masoooooooooon is garbage. Admins needa do some better work

  2. I think the purple faction is the problem
  3. Only if u got a real water of the tree video and posted it
  4. I’ll rock ur shit and this fat retards shit. I’m down for a boxing match I’ll fly both y’all out to receive a grade A beating in the airport and the return flight
  5. You sound like your tongue got stung by a swarm of hornets
  6. What a fucking mongoloid
  7. When you do runs in 2021
  8. Ron lost his cpl shit server turned worse

  9. @Hurricane can you wrangle this retard he escaped the short bus
  10. I miss you Buckie. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. old bas

  12. Happy birthday @ikiled

  13. @Diamond_drop when is the last time u took a shower

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    2. thor


      @ThatNerdyGuyi don’t even know why you’re commenting about the situation tbf, you clearly have no actual understanding of what went on so probably best to stay out of it if I’m honest

    3. thor


      @Maddox if you have a problem speak up

    4. buckie


      @Maddox is hiding behind diamond drops foreskin he just got finished sucking off

  14. I hope israel sends in the land troops and stomps her heavy foot on those retarded terrorists.

    1. Linka


      no way anyone is downvoting this. if you can somehow justify the killing of any innocent civilians in any context, youre fucking weird 

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