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  1. Anyone have a spare CPU?


    1. G F

      G F

      didnt you o7?

    2. SystemChips


      buckie i have a 4790k and z97a motherboard with 16gb ddr3 ram i got you on the low if u need it brother

  2. buckie


    The response to my o7 post and this one just show much many people really hate you lmaoo
  3. buckie

    o7 Boys

    hit the road retard off my post
  4. buckie

    o7 Boys

    Hello my dear friends of Olympus it has been a long run but sadly it has to come to an end. Without a PC to use for the time being and school,relationship and other things i have going on i will have to hang the toxic crown up and make room for the next generation of Olympus Toxicity. I would like to thank a lot of people along my long journey on this server. @BumbaClat You were the homie since day 1 man i remember joining the server with you and all the fun times we have had man, it was great i wouldnt change a single moment of it. its been real bumba @soasteve ik you wont see this cuz u quit this server a long time ago but i thank you for really showing me the ropes of olympus and i had a lot of fun with you @Hectic The OG brit wooden teeth retard that i miss a lot, the SoA days will be missed @Ernie the OG black man you were always one of the boys and SoA wouldnt of been as fun without you man. Living it up in the military i wish you luck with ur future bro @Nightingale my favorite 7/11 employee the tree days were fun man a lot of memories were made with the boys and im glad you were apart of it @RAY RAY You are the G man playing with you in the early days were some of the best moments i remember on arma, you and nightingale really were the combo @Linka You are one of the realest niggas on the server, im glad i can call you a friend and im sure we will continue to be friends for a long time. @Zurph Plague was certainly some of the most funny and fun times ive had playing a video game with the OGs like kennford and analdo there was never a dull time, thanks for giving me a chance in plague and i loved whipping all these shitters with you man. Its been real zurph you have always been chill bro and i enjoyed the endless laughs shared with you and the boys @FrankieTwinkletoes You are a chill dude, chilling with you in ts was always fun bro ill come in and say hi to the boys every once and awhile. @destruct You have always been a chill dude mr SR medic its been real man the laughs and the lawyer buckie days were fun man. thanks for taking a chance with me with support team and stuff @SystemChips you are one of the best friends on this game bro laughing and chilling with you, there was never a dull moment you will definitely be missed man. @JuanDeaged I love you muslim 1 playing with you and @billdroid in plague was always enjoyable man you and billy are definitely my favorite muslims never to be replaced by anyone. @Analdo you and @Kennford are my toxic partners in crime coming in teamspeak after school and seeing you guys in there i already knew my night was about to get better. I thank you both for the endless laughs @Angst Bucko you are an OG plague member and i miss playing with you man it was a unreal time man fuck you for stealing my name though. @Creepy Thanks for giving me a chance in BW in the early days ik i was a toxic retard and a lot to handle. Thanks for the fun times creepy @shibby Thanks for being a good friend in BW sorry that we lost touch after i left but you should hmu more if u wanna play anything bro @Toasty you were always chill in BW im glad we played together and im glad to call you a friend ty for putting up with my ass. @Elements You already know you a homie elements, since day 1 in voa we always laughing and having fun bro ty for the great times. @Loopz and @Nephew you guys were the main people besides elements in VOA that were really fun to play with and just be around in general thanks boys. @White you were always that annoying ass funny man, you def will be missed white hmu bro we can play other games @Panda :) The plague days were lit man, i loved playing with you and being toxic with you shit was fun @Zahzi You were always chill to me, thanks for giving me a chance on civ council and being a real lad @Mr Majestic Thanks for giving me the chance to be a SR on civ council and always being real with me @Birb my favorite nephew birb im going to get you a bike for christmas. I hope that will make up for pushing ur mom down the stairs while she was pregnant with you @Headless You were always the homie since day 0 helping me out whenever i needed it. I appreciate you alot man was always a joy to play with you and talk to you @Trimorphious you were always my nigga man. i love you the skinny legend im glad you didnt blow away in the wind. @Jig and @Cale You 2 are the favorite squeakers, (no offense btw) playing with both of you always had its fun moments ill miss you both. This shit ran long asf and i still missed people, if i missed anyone just say something and ill add your name but for now boys Peace, ill see you around in Ts maybe?
  5. Congrats to all the homies @Jig @SystemChips @Cale Y’all are the real NIGGAS OF OLYMPUS 

    1. Jig


      ty buckie


  6. Finally they fixed the player report times @destruct good job. Back in the day retards would report you with a week and 6 day old evidence and get yo ass ban

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SPBojo


      I'm still waiting for that fuckhead wrice4 from 2014 to be banned for combat log, this evidence clearly showcases combat log 


    3. destruct


      That wasn't the reasoning for the update. We had people that had evidence of multiple violations on a person, and then they would report one violation, wait until they get unbanned, and then report another violation, and then keep going. It was malicious in practice.

    4. buckie


      @destruct Lmaoo I was victim of that too 

  7. @Kedar when the senior support team goes to ur head. Kedar you been my friend for a grip but now you changed. You became one of them..smh kedar I expected better from someone like you

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kedar


      just put tickets in and stop complaining to people or to (DESTRUCT) he not going to help you. You have access to your brother computer and you come to ts anyways so yea.

    3. Unjo


      Kedars fake he went on LOA for 9 months but cant help a brotha out smh my head

    4. Kedar


      But I did my tickets and I was never on loa 

  8. More bad news my friends motherboard and ram are in however POWER SUPPLY IS BROKE so more time with no PC

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Noahhh!


      I'll send you a shit power supply that came default with a HP desktop if you want. Shipping might cost more than it's worth though. lol

    3. Billeh


      time to rob some nigga again

    4. buckie


      @Fake Grandma lmao I don’t need a free swat team

  9. Still doing good

    1. N7Zero


      thats a shame.

  10. The quote is “ WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY”
  11. I’ll tske my chief tags now

    1. Dicky


      Buckie, you need a computer to be chief 😞

    2. Noahhh!


      @Dicky "Buckie, you need [fingers] to be chief"

      Fixed it.

  12. I wanna see the beast @Linka tear @Sandman in half in a boxing match for chief 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Dante


      @destruct wrong chief, nobody offered me pizza I was bamboozled thinking pizza was part of the deal. 

      @Panda :) yo what we boxing for let’s go 

    3. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      @Dante I figured we make a go fund me for it and have a match and whoever wins gets the money.

    4. Dante


      People donating for the winner. I like it 

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