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  1. https://gyazo.com/653d6b2af1bd2fefc4b624403e0ef7f0 Make an offer comes with perm keys to a garage
  2. @Mustache Your so mean
  3. CorNfLower


    Welcome to hell week
  4. o7 Brother you will be missed
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    2. Instantmac


      New update: flying medics

    3. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      15 minutes ago, Kyle Lake said:

      Your healing abilities can also kill? :hmm:

      it comes with his faster healing perk upgrade, "Heals faster but has the chance to kill the Person you are healing and turns you into a helicopter the dosnt know how to fly"

    4. Seth M.

      Seth M.

      We're gonna have to re implement the "ask if you can heal someone" rule. 

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