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  1. thats just playtime. made a gang and in less then a month we were top 10 LOL done
  2. nah prouds just a little kid and doesnt know how to fight so i think id be confident yea
  3. skill has nothing to do with how many like you have on a forum post, and the sad truth is people think that it does. second I guarantee there's no way on this earth you would ever give me a black eye. the moment you lay your hands on me, you would wake up in a hospital bed wondering what happened
  4. TRUE seems like ur the one hopping on my dick kinda sus bro. In reality you just had to look good and defend ur HUGE EGO on arma 3 altis life server forums. oh and FYI the only thing that will ever be huge is ur ego. Get good kid cant wait for the end of the year when u have 100 montages on a dead game
  5. no one asked sup 4.0 gpa no i cant see the monitor. the light is very blinding and yet I still shit on 90% of the players on the server candice dick fit in ur mouth still got nothing to say
  6. who the fuck are u maybe I am maybe im not ? who knows again real mature with the mom jokes I can tell you get a whopping amount of 0 pussy Lastly ur the one to talk you have no like u legit have like 50 montages LOL
  7. " just cuz the law says 21 ima listen to it?" Dam gonna break the law thats not really mature of you. Another reason why the age is 21 in the USA. also talking about pussy like you get tons of it. Again just another classic kid comment. Learn to grow up cant go after anything so you have to make fun of people getting pussy ur a joke kid. btw in case you forgot its double tap c to toggle combat stance pretty much I just wanted to dump the clips to a song. fight have been dead for time cause this game and server is dead
  8. thx foor another juan lol
  9. fanboys talk to me when you can do the big boy things, you aint even legal. Ya cant drink, go to a casino or even go to a bar and your calling me the child. no wonder they wait until your 21 to do all of that. Otherwise you would get idiots like you walking in calling someone whos 25 a kid LOL Secondly you came to me begging to be taught and me and my brother laughed at you and savage. You guys legit didnt know what combat stance was and wanted to know so badly how to quick peak u ungreatful shitters. Guess kids wont know what respect is. No wonder they wont let you in bars AYY LMAO wheres ur montage son
  10. pretty sure by law ur the only actual kid. Half the shit you know me and ghost taught ur shitter ass so have some respect, or has ur mommy not taught you that yet
  11. Little Asian kid aren't u like 12 nah im blind
  12. @ CRH its legit connected to ur oly account. should I post the cs go video hahah

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