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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. haven't played for months, come back and my fucking stats are all wiped, money gone, and other things fucked to........

    1. Qasim


      Unlucky brother

    2. Slumberjack


      You can try submitting a comp request with your account info at https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/

  2. Hectic

    Y'all dumb as fuck, get your facts straight. Also just because you can't move your fingers to control recoil it doesnt mean no one else can....
  3. Hectic

    Fyi everyone a i5 8600k is better and cheaper than a i7 7700k. 8th gen is also easier to overclock so yeah.....rip 7th gen i7 because I totally dont have one and regret buying it.....
  4. Hectic

    Shit, you'll regret it, save up for one of the latest i5s and overclock. Arma is more CPU than GPU dependent. You'll regret buying that PC when you realise you still cant enter kavala....even get a job and quit it to make some money for a better PC and you wont be disappointed....
  5. Oh hey wow, it's been awhile....

  6. Hectic

    cuz i'm cooler than you fgt
  7. Hectic

    See you in a week hun x and its @[SoA]Steve
  8. Hectic

    Check task manager and watch how your resources are being used. You can also see which programs are using how much. The other day I opened task manager to find out that having GeForce experience in installed was causing my CPU to run at 20% at idel and at a nice and high temp...
  9. The asus bios is very user friendly, and offers a good program (AI Suit) in windows for automatic overclocking in case you don't want to mess with anything. You can control all fans, curves, and PSU options from it.
  10. Hectic

    Do some gross ass howtobasic shit and fill a bath or something with cracked eggs and get like 4 chickens and put them on your hands and feet while you roll around in the eggs for a solid minute
  11. Hectic

    Not gonna lie but I'm a little triggered, however transparency is appreciated...
  12. Unscrew it from the rear IO, and release the level at the end of the pci-e lane on the right side. If you've already forced half of the GPU out you may have jammed it, get it back in and make sure you pull with equal pressure on both sides
  13. he died from cancer a few years ago
  14. Drake, The Weekend, NAV, Alessia Cara Although I'm not going to lie, I can think of many more negatives than just the ones you said xd

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