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  1. Not gonna lie but I'm a little triggered, however transparency is appreciated...
  2. Unscrew it from the rear IO, and release the level at the end of the pci-e lane on the right side. If you've already forced half of the GPU out you may have jammed it, get it back in and make sure you pull with equal pressure on both sides
  3. he died from cancer a few years ago
  4. Drake, The Weekend, NAV, Alessia Cara Although I'm not going to lie, I can think of many more negatives than just the ones you said xd
  5. Well there's at least 10
  6. gay, and date so I can put in a 2 week notice that ill be off work on this day :/
  7. LEM hit me up
  8. What happened to the gang wars winner tags in ts?
  9. uummm you okay?
  10. When I went into the US and came back I had to show a passport both times The only place with a go wherever the fuck you want with no passport rule is Europe I think xd

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