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  1. Happy birthday big dog

  2. What's the server like atm?

  3. miss you friend miss you friend miss you friend good playing with you man, cya long cock. ..
  4. Where you at?

    1. Qasim


      My man @ArX is in the hidings

    2. ArX


      I'm on olympus atm

      1 hour ago, Qasim said:

      My man @ArX is in the hidings

      where are you at? @Qasim

    3. callumlol



  5. Qasim

    Arx, I miss you!

  6. I think it's a garbage game but if anyone wants a free pubg code i'll happily give it to who ever

  7. Can anyone recommend any good pc cases? I need to fit a 1080Ti, ROG Maximus X Hero, 750W PSU, H60 Liquid cooling, 6 fans.

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    2. Chaos


      Rex is right. Have an s340 elite and it’s amazingg 

    3. Ronin


      There's no point in going with anything larger than a mini itx.  You'll appreciate the plenty of deskspace.  How often do people really look at their gaming case?  Look up the Ncase, or Fractal design's mini itx line.

    4. PoptartRex


      @Ronin It really depends. If you want to go super cheap you are right, however you will get the bang for your buck by going ATX form factor. Generally speaking it allows for more cable management and a right amount of customizability with your build. Lots of people use the extra PCIe slots and the room helps airflow to better maximize performance with OCing the CPU and GPU. 

      People really do appreciate the look of their builds (RGB in the case is a booming innovation currently) and the case taking up room might not necessarily be a factor in some people’s choice.

  8. You could just link your twitch but now you have the exact opposite effect you were hoping for, you're asking people to follow your twitch which they see everyday on the forums. Also why would anyone just follow you for the sake of following you, you can't just call someone horrible cos you asked for something and you didn't get it.
  9. People aren't being horrible, you are literally begging for followers and it's monotonous spam.
  10. msg me on steam right now

    1. Hiii


      he probably deleted everyone again 

    2. ArX


      20 minutes ago, Hiii said:

      he probably deleted everyone again 

      Do you still sit at home all day and not go to school?

    3. Hiii


      thats the spirit cheppo

  11. This server is dead beyond recovery...

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    2. Fuzz^


      Just because not many people fight cartels it doesn't mean gang life is dead, I miss the old arma where you go around with your gang robbing kids and having fun... thats what gang life is about, getting into fights in the middle of no where, killing cops. Working towards something. not just fighting cartels.

    3. Fernando_


      Cartel life is dead

    4. Fuzz^

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