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  1. Happy birthday you VX RAT

  2. hello

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    2. heyday


      2 minutes ago, Arigato said:

      man goes to uni and forgets everyone smh

      Don't worry son, I'm home

    3. DeadPool


      is that SGT heyday:DPEducated:

    4. Hypeer


      what is up my fellow thot patrol 

  3. Happy Birthday son

    1. falcon


      Thank you heyday :wub:, and come back pls :(

  4. Love to see it man good work

  5. Happy birthday you fucking nerd.

    1. chino Brih

      chino Brih

      @heyday happy late birth day HES DEAD

  6. Happy B-day you old lad! Hope your lads take you to that titty bar you always saw driving by... ;) 

    1. heyday


      Xd how did you know??:pog:

  7. Nigga this is all the free shit I gave you

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