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  1. The last gang wars it was 15 I'm pretty sure. Also, no other gangs had this problem because we read the post. I didn't watch the fight because we were busy losing but don't blame ignis. OS takes time out their day to put in events like gang wars and when people complain like this it doesn't change much. Sorry you lost but get over it man.
  2. Who has a server 1 dp 22 garage?

  3. 67f6de2cdc871fcbcdb775246e7a0507.png


    1. Jesse
    2. DeadPool1337


      @Jesse What is it about ?

    3. Ares


      Don't worry it's just a old picture :P

  4. Good eats last night @Excision @Egnazio @Garrett


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    2. Orgondo


      Who tf does Frogs...

    3. heyday


      1 minute ago, Orgondo said:

      Who tf does Frogs...

      [FA] I think it was

    4. TroyOGG


      rip frogs

  5. I got a .9mm suppressor
  6. It's what they don't understand is why they keep arguing to keep the restraining cops. @Berg02 You need to remember when fighting the APD, you are not just fighting the online(5-10) cops. The system of why cops don't have NLR is to simulate a real police force. And what does a real police force do when an officer is taken hostage? or when criminals are robbing a federal reserve? They send the whole fucking force, all units responding. And yes it makes the game more realistic by letting civs restrain cops, but because of this being a game and not actually having an unlimited number of players on the server, this ability to restrain cops causes a huge flaw and is sort of broken as of right now. That's where the imbalance is. If half the cops online are restrained then APD is half as strong which breaks the idea of an actual police force. That's the main problem I see, and if we can somehow solve it (not sure how) we possibly could keep the ability to restrain cops. But the way it is right now, it just isn't working out.
  7. Rule to stop drama leads to more drama... irony
  8. Welcome back buddy
  9. Those sheets are copyrighted by @Goodman
  10. Although it does allow your opponent to tap you when he sees you peak your head with range finders...
  11. 500k for cmr and 10 mags
  12. ^^Something like a nice hefty charge of LEO Hostage charge. Cause as of right now there's no penalty for tazing/restraining cops, well not if you don't get caught.