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  1. I may have shot people as a medic, but atleast I didn't dupe money.
  2. The color of your name has gone from Vigilante Blue to Feminazi Pink

  3. Ha, Fell the roast? Get back up DeadPool, it's just starting.

    1. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      I liked this because breakdowns, then heard the breakdowns. Weak ass list

  5. Who?
  6. Fact
  7. Call it like it is, Olympus is a safe space now.
  8. I enjoy my hate on hate relationships.
  9. @Jesse I'll take a forum ban. I don't want you back.
  10. I did, what's your point?
  11. Tasing and restraining cops won't be a thing, it's the most illogical change I've ever seen on this server, I'm curious on how you convince yourself that it's ok, that it's balanced for cops to be tased and restrained, that it's the cops fault if they do get tased. Civilians outnumber and outgun cops on a multitude of levels. Better body armor and better weapons, your average vigi will outshoot a PO and Deputy in a fight strictly on the count of better body armor, the more experience players will outshoot anyone Deputy-CPLs because they will have better body armor, more manpower, and will almost certainly carry CPL+ taser weapons, and how many cops don't play or don't play as much because they know they are gonna get tased and restrained if they play? You can eliminate more of the police force by tasing and restraining them ontop of the fact that less cops play because of that. send a few guys to tase and restrain cops and you can have them for 15 minutes, if you are smart enough to plant a bomb on the fed at the same time, they will have 5 minutes to stop you by the time they have to be released, and you can take them to the middle of no where before you release them and abandone them there, they can't log off because of the fed, they can't get to the fed because their stranded, they would have to wait for other cops to get on or for the bomb to blow so one can log off and the rest to respawn since that cop was tired of the bullshit that is tasing and restraining.
  12. I question if you are actually for cops being able to be tazed and restrained or if you just stand against the tide to troll, because you very much seem like a troll. You just talk in circle and ignore anything that doesn't prove your point... They'd have to change hostage rules as well then.
  13. He can add it to himself...