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  1. I would have had more clips from when I was "hacking" on S2 but my videos got corrupted. But enjoy
  2. Happy 28th birthday....

  3. How much for the Helmet, Special rig, and 5.56 150rd mag?
  4. Whos wiener do I have to play with to get a SPMG?

    1. Orgondo


      You're a hacker, just spawn one in!

    2. lou25000


      @McDili late Christmas present with some rules?

  5. @Seth Mobster
  6. Watch the whole video you wont regret it.
  7. Bro you are a fucking faggot. "Okay, You are gonna let me go right now or..." Gtfo with this lame ass shit. You got fucked because you made an assumption. That shit pissed me off when i heard you say that SMFH.
  8. Your evidence is ass
  9. The admins are asleep post coconut crabs. DNjoaxwU8AABgxw.jpg

  10. A custom video made by me. On what ever topic you want. 5min long
  11. I just uploaded it wtf?

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