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  1. why am I in tanoa in S2 again?

  2. Im Going to actually make a music video after I can think of more shit. Or someone els helps me out. It will end up being a masterpiece I promise.
  3. I will be rapping once There is more. Didnt want to spend to much time on an unfinished song.
  4. I need help to make my rap longer. Once it is finished I will be making a music video ASAP. if you add shit to the google doc message me what you added so i can credit you. This was inspired by @MrBoonie, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Roy Jones Jr., and @McDili is mentioned. Dont care about the spelling this is not a final draft. here is the doc link. Dont add dumb shit. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RCSzcRIkg1AoCZcrtp3BVSoAjCkoqMIBoGGoI_c0HL0/edit?usp=sharing Here is the rap so far.
  5. Got my Shirt up on the amazon market place. Buy it and vote Genghis Khan for civ rep. https://www.amazon.com/Genghis-Khan-Cant-Screwed-T-Shirt/dp/B07BN52118/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&qid=1524283679&sr=8-24&

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. QKSILVR73
    3. ryan beck

      ryan beck

      When we click the link we can see you typed genghis khan shirt into amazon :D

    4. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      Yeah ik But its just a meme bro.

  6. I have a S2 2 crater if anyone is interested HMU
  7. Why the fuck am I 15.4KM off the shore of Tanoa on S2? :deIlluminati:

    1. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      I spawned in S2 the other day in VR looking at a copy of myself and the rest of the online players .

      Explain THAT 

  8. Why isn't mount and blade bannerlord out yet?

    I wouldn't even care about my perm. 

    I got permed BTW 


    I pray the lord of the blue sky has mercy on his soul.

    For I will show no mercy.


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    2. Captain Edwards

      Captain Edwards

      How did they even catch you lol? 2 years later?

    3. Aunt Jemima
    4. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      For now Im permed, and I didnt do shit lmao. Im waiting for a Formal apology.

  9. Im about to say fk it andget permed baned for  MASS rdm.

    Bc this shit is fucking ridiculous 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MrBoonie


      Let's face it perms aren't real amirite 

      @Plumber & @Ignis & @Mercury

    3. John Wayne
    4. FuzzyPanda


      No! I like watching the memetages....

  10. The only thing I can think of that would cause this, would be when the server restart happens is you mute everyone with the speaker button. The way to fix this is by going to Map>Players, then hit the speaker icon until it un-mutes everyone. If that dosnt work you are fked.
  11. Does anyone ride? Im looking into getting a brand new 2017 Kawasaki Vulcan S, for $4,997 in may. Just want to know what you guys think. This will be my first motorcycle ever.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested.  

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    2. Berg02
    3. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      @Moose Yeah Bro, You good I am a fat boi but I'm working away from that. Im down 45lbs and I plan to keep going. 

      @Jesse I also did a 2 day course for my endorsement. I legit was only going 12mph but I felt like I was going fast as fk. lmao

    4. Moose


      I'm just saying, I'm 5'11 190lbs and I started on a 500cc. Sometimes trying to accelerate up a hill or past ~60mph can be a bitch. I'd say 650 is a good starting size. Not trying to trash you bro

      And I actually started on an 02 Vulcan. They are good bikes

  12. Can you give me a 75% winning rate please?
  13. Only Real niggas can relate. 


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    2. Bloodmoon


      im gonna go out of my way to vigi you whenever you're on 

    3. ikeem
    4. N7Zero


      @Bloodmoon whats the point? he is just gonna alt f4 on u :DPEducated:


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